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Can Megan Fox actually act?


Can-Megan-FoxWhen a tabloid whore is maybe just that.


Out of MSNBC comes an article which questions whether new media sensation – Megan Fox can actually act? Fox who became a national obsession (ridicule) after starring in the sci fi hit ‘The Transformers,’ has become representative of the industry fascination of late of hiring brand names that have more to do with smut, public stunts, and as the report below questions-

‘…. when it comes to actresses in their 20s, Hollywood doesn’t seem to recruit from acting schools anymore. They now seem to draw from the men’s magazines, all of which feature women like Alba, Lohan, Simpson and Biel — women with great curves but dismal box office results.’

Could the report be onto something?

With Fox recently cast in a new movie ‘Jennifer’s Body,’ the public can once again judge for itself. Maybe at the end of the day all the public wants to see is a great looking ass running around the camera scene and if she scores a dramatic role so be it. But really who cares for drama when there is so much of it outside the movie set?

The moral of the story- if you want to become a movie actress maybe it’s better you become a public nuisance first before we feel better about seeing you in a living room. At least then maybe we’ll tune in.

Can ‘it girl’ Megan Fox actually act?

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