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Call Girl’s Mother feels Violated.


ashley_dupreWhen a politician can make a comeback and a call girl is still a ‘whore.’

Welcome to the sordid world of Elliot Spitzer, high flying politician who is now amongst high powered friends making a run to get back into political office while the girl he was caught ‘paying’ for sexual liaisons has been forever vilified as a tarnished whore.

Known as Kristen to Spitzer, Ashley Dupre, the call girl in the center of Spitzer’s disgraced downfall was making up to $4300 an evening spending time with Spitzer. But with news that Elliot may be back in the running to get back to office (preliminary talks they call it!) Ashley’s mother is screaming blue murder.

“Only in America” she retorted when she found out about Spitzer’s bid to regain office.

Friends of Dupre are arguing whilst Spitzer is wiping away his tarnished reputation, Dupre on the other hand is marked as a ‘filthy whore.’

Carolyn Capalbo– Dupre’s mom goes on to say her daughter’s really having a hard time. Having turned down book deals, and offers to appear nude in ‘girlie mags’ Dupre is now in a no where mans land and is having a hard time of things.

Elliot Spitzer on the other hand with his handed down wealth and high powered friends is not having a hard time.

When society chews you up and spits you out it’s never fun especially if you don’t have a nice balance account to fall back on…


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