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Are Remakes the New Black?


bhIn a generation where there is a new black president and a refreshing wave of change in the air, you would think that new ideas and active brain activity would be freshly floating about. Yet, this doesn’t seem to be the case.


The big machine in which we all turn to in times of need, yes — I’m talking about the Hollywood machine — seems to be breaking apart and turning to the past for ingenious ways to repair it.

Long gone is the era in which we could go to a movie and genuinely be shocked by the twist ending of a movie. Do you recall the hordes of people who gasped and raved at the twist ending in the Sixth Sense? Nowadays we have the audience shouting out the twist or making message boards trying to guess the endings of each movie. The questions begs to be answered — is the general population just getting more smart and more cynical? Or is it the Hollywood vehicle that is running out of steam?

Everything is being remade these days. From 90210 to Melrose Place to even remakes of foreign movies like OldBoy and Ju-On. Are our minds so diluted that we cannot come up with a shred of originality? In our day and age, where I don’t see the apocalypse coming anytime soon, what will the new generations of people be exposed to? Remake after remake after remake? By the year 2490 will innovation and imagination be extinct words of the past?

When eventually our own life’s will become remakes no one will mind or notice…

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