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The true but incredible story of Mohamed on Facebook.


When friendships no longer work out. You be the judge…



mohamedMohamed-“Sorry to know girl like you. I am conservative, muslim, and religious man. From your photos I conclude You are the inversion, no conservative, no religious, no ethic and you are not virgin girl. Bye for ever.”


Thu at 3:36pm ·

axelAxel-“oh my god, that’s what my father said to me too..”




Thu at 4:02pm ·

Mohamed- “your father muslim man or he is reading about Islam?

What about your religion? With best wishes.”

Thu at 4:34pm


Axel- “My father beat me up because I refused to become son of Islam. How about you?”

Thu at 5:37pm ·

samanthaSamantha-“I think that Mohammed is harrassing Megan. People are free to do, be and live their lives as they wish. Sounds like you mohammed is a pervert, looking for a virgin huh? i would not be surprised if i see you on the news in a couple of months from now, as a pedophile. maybe you should stick to looking for virgin women in your country.

Thu at 5:42pm

Mohamed- Thanks Axel to response me. You are refused the paradise when refused to become muslim and you are chose the hell. You must know the Islam came to complete religions and give the enacting to all people till the last day of life. Muslim believe for all religions, prophets and all holy books. There is no different between religions or prophets, they all from one God ( Allah ) to rememer us for wrshipping one God. No paradise without Islam .

Best wishes

Thu at 6:14pm


Mohamed- (to Samantha) Bk .. Our God did not create us animals to doing anything and live our lives as we wish as you says. If you know why you came to this world , you will reach to the truth. You must know our God created us to worshipping him. And you will be under justice after life for every thing doing in the life.

Best wishes

Thu at 6:26pm


Samantha- pervert!

Thu at 6:27pm


Samantha- ps:i dont think god would agree with you looking for virgins on facebook! you are a pervert and you know it.

Thu at 6:28pm


Axel- Are there perverts on Facebook Mohamed? Please explain to me you are not pervert. I am very sad!

Yesterday at 1:11am ·


Mohamed to Samantha. Bk : I am not looking for virgins on facebook, but I am censure your society. No any religion on this land agree for girls become adulterous. I am honor to pervert for God love and religion love. I am pervert in your view because I am conservative and God-fearing man. But the fancy woman is good in your view.

That is your life. I wait and you can wait to know the truth after life.

Yesterday at 3:22pm


Mohamed to Axel- Thanks Axel to write me again. I think you are good man when you search for the truth. As I told you before, Islam came to complete all religions and give the enacting to all people till the last day of our life. Mohamed prophet came to all people on this land. Islam came to equal between white and black since 1400 years ago, avoidance of adultery, stop killing the girls, stop drinking alcohol and stop appropriation of orphan money.

With best wishes

Yesterday at 3:39pm


Axel- Mohamed, i also think you are good man. Just to make sure not to be pervert and the girl to be too much adulterous. Ok?

Yesterday at 6:29pm

Mohamed- Ok Axel.

Yesterday at 6.43 p.m


Samantha- Pervert!

Today at 4.55 a.m