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Should you care that Annie Leibovitz is going broke?


annie_leibovitzWhy is the NYT’s crying over a photographer who gets paid millions? The lopsided affections of the media.


In the opening lines in this weekend’s fashion and style section of the NYT”s, the Times laments (with no sense of sartorial wit but with vigorous earnestness) that if Annie can’t make it in NY, who then possibly can?

We read the story with degree of humor and mild intrigue that a woman afforded the wondrous favors of a magazine a/ willing to pay her in the millions and b/ attain fire jets and circus animals if her heart desires it (viz Vanity Fair and her wondrous corporate clientele that pay through the nose to use Annie’s genius) is now possibly going broke.

With defenders ranging from her boss Graydon Carter and editor about town Tina Brown we do have to wonder how someone making so much money (year after year) is suppose to affect out piety and sense of wonder when there are people trying to make it on $7.50 an hour, a song you wont hear being played on the NYT’s.

Call it misappropriated expenses, the cost of buying multi million dollar town houses and then joining all three of them (I know you’re falling down to the ground in pity too) the Times spends considerable words lamenting the ability of Annie coming up with 24 million dollars by September.

Easy- Refinance, sell the town houses and raise your fees Annie.

In a society falling apart given the excessive misbehavior of those who hold captain’s position’s we are frankly bored and insensitive to your self inflicted wounds. Okay, fine Ms. Leibovitz we are told also suffers some personal setbacks with the death of her parents and partner Susan Sontag but this is something we all go through.

We know we aren’t suppose to care about those less fortunate than us (except when it’s convenient) but one does wonder at the degree of impropriety of a major newspaper crying over a very well paid person who has managed to screw up, personal setbacks aside.

If on the other hand you go back to the business of inspiring us and provoking us we might just show up to your tea party but in the meantime we say ‘stop sobbing’ and next time your lackeys at the Times come calling have the decency to offer ‘no comment.’

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