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Sean and Robin Penn- third time lucky?


sean-and-robin-pennWhen a celebrity couple can no longer stand each other for a third time in a row…


We we’re beginning to wonder how we as media were going to survive the summer doldrums but we are happy to say thanks to the over abundant behavior or rather misbehavior of societies symbols of valor, excess and photogenic good looks – that is the uber celebrity, comes the story of Sean and Robin Penn.

Citing irreconcilable differences the Penn’s have decided to head back to divorce court and we hope get the thing over and done with. Having legally sought separation earlier this year husband Sean backed out calling it an ‘arrogant mistake.’

That said arrogance aside Robin is now like a jilted lover is stepping up to the plate and having it known her on the other hand knows what she wants, and that unfortunately doesn’t include hubby Sean.

The upshot- we really don’t care, it kind of brought a humdrum pause to the August heat. Of course like you we wish these two well and in the future (the 4th time round) a more fiery disruptive divorce proceeding that way we could have something more salacious and nasty to say.

When summer comes it’s a shame there aren’t more messy celebrity divorces.

Sean and Robin Penn back to divorce court

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