Home Scandal and Gossip Oh no – here comes a new literal meaning for ‘shit-faced.’

Oh no – here comes a new literal meaning for ‘shit-faced.’


new-literal-meaningWhen throwing ‘things’ out of moving mopeds has a whole new meaning…


Shit! We mean it literally or too be precise Tatsuya Morigucchi an obviously very frustrated and disturbed construction worker out of Settsu, Japan means it very literally.

Having discredited himself Tatsuya decided after having relieving himself on the sidewalk and then throwing the remnants of his excrements onto women stander bys as he drove by in his moped to finally turn himself in.

Funny? Unlikely. Disturbed and malicious- highly probable. In any event this is a first in Japan and it should be interesting to see what repercussions Tatsuya will face for his uhmm ‘shitty’ behavior.

When the ‘shit’ hits the fan or the female passer bys….

Man arrested for drive-by faeces attack

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