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Is that just a smile or is he happy to see me?


happy-to-see-meThe things women have to contend with when being hit on…


Being observers of the human condition we decided to wonder out aloud if the guy checking you out is just plain happy he has found the love of his life or the new bedroom partner of the week?

It happens every day, girls being sized up and hit on by all you boys and yet you girls can never be sure what’s really up he’s sleeve, so let’s find out together.

1/ The male libido no matter how well masked will sadly always be that- libido. Never confuse the issue and never forget for 93 percent of most men( we are unfortunately in the 7 % category) anything that you say or physically imply that may induce a fantasy in his mind is your best bet to control the show. Not that you kind of didn’t know this already- it is after all how you have mastered the opposite sex.

2/ Whilst he’s hitting on you, you have to be aware (just like you) he’s already calculating all the other prospects going on his life- from the girl he met at the bus stop this morning to the girl he recklessly went after at some preppy bar the night before and the girl that used to be his ex (so he’ll tell you ) who still likes to occasionally ‘drop’ by.

3/ Is he honorable or is he just like the rest of them- out to no good. Never let looks and charm deceive you, it’s the minute details that the best gentlemen callers have practiced all their lives that will have you thinking that he’s honorable and charming. When in doubt always refer to the cardinal rule – ‘he just wants to get laid.’

As long that’s ok with you ladies be our guests….