Home Scandal and Gossip Hugo Chavez shuts down Venezuelan media because it’s too bourgeois.

Hugo Chavez shuts down Venezuelan media because it’s too bourgeois.


hugo-chavezWondering if more ‘reality TV shows’ would help Hugo out…?


From Reuters comes a report that socialist president and stalwart Hugo Chavez has effectively shut down 34 media stations for failing in his opinion to comply with regulations.

Those regulations interestingly enough stipulated that airwaves must be owned by a collective for the people and by the state and that any dissemination of any false news (what counts for false is of course not clarified) could potentially compromise the interests of the state. In other words what we have going on in Venezuela is exactly what’s going on in America, except in America the airwaves are all owned by a very small private collective (to ensure ‘correct’ news no doubt) and not vice versa.

UPDATE 2-Venezuela begins shutdown of 34 radio stations

At present private media owners are up in arms and calling for general strike against Chavez and are frustrated that Chavez didn’t give them an adequate chance to defend themselves. That said we’re all wondering if Chavez would’ve backed off on ‘enforcement’ of regulations (for a lack of a better word) if private media interests had spent more time focusing on celebrities, gossip, useless trivia and reality TV – just the way we do here in the US. Our gut feeling of course would be none of this would of have come to pass- but this is what happens sometimes when you’re too busy focusing on bourgeois sensibilities (not that we in America have any sense of that).

TV- wouldn’t it just be more enjoyable if there was more tits and ass?