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DJ AM’s ex- When the media can’t let you grieve alone…


dj-am-exWhen it’s time to look for more victims…,


Upon the recent death of DJ AM at his apartment here in downtown NYC, media tabloids and specifically in your face paparazzi chasers TMZ have been in your face. Having broken up with DJ AM, Hayley Wood his most recent girlfriend (they had just broken up a week ago) was mauled by camera lens as she fled the scene after having dropped by her ex’s boyfriend. See the below link- it’s as appalling as it gets.

Visibly disturbed, it was incumbent upon TMZ to make an ass of itself by trying to shove a ‘fucking’ camera up her face to see if there were any tears for her to share with them.

Understandably there is a time for media, to highlight the news of the day, to offer incisive commentary but frankly we’re trying to understand how is the role of good journalism being achieved when chasing a distressed human being down the street. Does it shed light on her feelings for DJ AM, does it shed light on why he died or does it shed light on the parasitic culture at large we live in?

TMZ – you are scumbags and indecent of course that wont stop people reading you, but then again that’s like saying there are people who still smoke 2 packets of smokes a day.

When media is in the business of looking to make victims…

DJ AM’s Ex in Tears Outside His Apartment

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