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Wass Stevens: Can a celebrity doorman break your head and still be a celebrity?


peter-pakThe inconvenient things Wass has to put up with from time to time…

Yummy! Gutter trash bag journal the NY POST (which by now you all know we secretly love) reports for us this morning the tantalizing tale of Wass Stevens who has gone from career doorman to potential career actor to now confused (but still celebrity) doorman.

Whilst manning the uber door at AVENUE, NY’s hottest and ‘die to be seen club’ du jour Wass had the unfortunate task of denying an upstart by the name of Peter Pak, a 24 year old student from San Diego who must’ve confused himself for a famous actor, model, editor in chief or social icon. Unimpressed and probably not in a good mood Wass it was reported took the bottom end of the metal leg against Pak’s face to make it clear to him he was not wanted, and that Wass would have nothing to do with the belligerent student.

Nevertheless such fun behavior elicited the attention of the police and from what we understand Wass was allowed without having to post bail and on his recognizance to leave the very bloody scene.

In any event we now wonder whether this all serves to act as a warning that only jet set people will be loved and tolerated, seeing as Wass is one of them. Or maybe was one of them…

The fun things that happen when celebrity doormen are pushed to the limit.