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The fun things that could happen if you get an internship this summer.


intern-job-this-summer1The dilemmas of young interns who are begging to work for free…

You know you are in a kooky economy when you have to beg companies to work for free for them. Normally, most companies are happy to have you come along and work your soul out for pittance or better still nothing.

This year though, it’s a very special economy where unemployment is so bad that you can’t even get anyone to hire you for free.

Nevertheless assuming you are one of the lucky few who get in – this is what we think you will doing

The magazine intern, – instead of photocopying crap, you will be assigned in a heartbeat to cove r articles that the journalist they just hired is unable (either physically or professionally) to write. Like them, it’ll be sink or swim , so start practicing writing your tabloid headlines.

The advertising intern– will most definitely whether they know it or not will be heading up the advertising campaign. Because of a lack of dollars, you will become the dummy market, the dummy respondent and the dummy who gets to try to get people to back out of their money in this wonderful recession.

The investment banker intern– well, here’s where you used to come to sell your early twenties so by the time you were 34 were a nasty rich prick no one could stand but other nasty pricks and the women who date them.

This year, you will learn a lot about insolvency, bankruptcy, and ethics. That way when you do make it to 34 and being filthy rich you will have some semblance of what economic morality means, not that no one seriously expects you to adhere to it.


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