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The dilemma of all you girls over 40 trying to find your shining white armour.


girls-over-40The war of the sexes and why the older (loaded) guy always gets the last laugh.

We have been thinking about you girls lately who seem to be complaining that there’s a shortage of desirable, hetro sexual, kind, solvent men in their forties. The truth is they are out there but unfortunately for most girls they are more interested in the younger girls.

Of course this all sounds mean and horrid, but you have to remember how much you scorned us when you were in your twenties incidentally your self going out with the desirable, solvent (how solvent is anyone’s guess but we think very solvent- no?) and hetero sexual older male.

While you girls got to play the field while most of us in our twenties and thirties had to be content with what we could get (of course the author of this story doesn’t bear the same fate as most chaps for apparent reasons…) it suddenly sounds like heresy to hear you girls now complaining that you can’t get what you want.

We have one piece of advise girls, actually two- be careful what you sow and next time you meet a guy don’t try to size him up the way you used to when your looks and ‘titties’ were perky and we assure you he will be less than forthcoming to size you up.

After all it takes two to tango, not just one, no matter how convinced you girls may be otherwise…

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  • with a flourish

    Is it difficult painting with that broad of a brushstroke? You certainly seem to have mastered it.
    Sorry for whatever happened to you in your 20s and 30s – and hopefully the woman you are with now is that the one you “settled for” during that time.
    When women write this stuff, they are bitter shrews. But I guess you are being erudite and insightful.