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The 5 things you’re probably doing now that it’s a summer Friday afternoon.


friday-afternoonThe fun things you get up to when life becomes more than bearable at the office.

It’s that time of day, two- three p.m and you just finished dragging your ass back in after another long but never long enough Friday luncheon and you realize your boss still owns your ass for another 3-4 hours. Anyway, seeing that we work in an office ourselves and we know what it feels like to be stuck in one yourself we dare to wonder what’s running in the back of your mind.

1/ The one that you let get away from last night. Yes, you should have asked for the number and here you are daydreaming about them, turning them into your future next big what ever, with of course them having your number but you not theirs. Let’s hope they call and next time you have a little more humility to ask for their number instead of praying that they might call you on a slow boring Friday afternoon.

2/ Checking in with the ‘doctor.’ Well we all know drugs and other ‘illicits’ are bad for you and you never go there, but every once in a while when a friend is popping into town, or it’s your upcoming birthday you feel compelled to make sure the ‘doctor’ is going to be making his timely delivery of your ‘prescription’ as soon as you get out of work.

3/ The minute you can call it a day and crash after the particulars of last night’s ‘interesting’ affairs finally leave your body and mind. In any event you’re probably super bubbly and happy, but secretly if you have to feign bubbliest thoughts for another hour you just might die. Of course you’ll somehow manage until then…

4/ Trolling face book, looking for friends you would never stop to say hello in the real world, but hey this is facebook world and it’s been one hell of a slow Friday afternoon…

5/ Texting like a banshee who ever it is that you’re trying to get to go to bed with you. You’ve probably narrowed it to three options, but the one you probably really got the ‘hots’m for has yet to have called you. So not only is this Friday going to be slow and nauseating it’s also going to be an angst driven one as well.