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Marilyn Manson: What happens when an idol no longer looks like what he’s supposed to?


marilyn-manson-is-fatWhat’s the future of a celebrity if he does more blow than he can handle or for that matter gets fat?

It seems Goth rocker Marilyn Manson doesn’t care much for what you think of him anymore. Of course miraculously you’re still buying his music, more of it in fact despite the fact that he cuts a less than photogenic display on your magazine cover and fantasy bedroom wall…

Manson literally ‘cut’ up about his estrangement with Evan Rachel Wood – got annihilated with baggies of coke, slash marks (158 times that he called her and she hung up on him) and the resultant over eating that comes once a binge is over( not that we would know…)

Of course this does make us wonder- can a celebrity now be out of control and less photogenic and still adored by you?

If Lindsay and other favorites are any guide, we think you love them more.

Shock rocker Marilyn Manson bulks up

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  • Deep throat 42

    Fucker looks like tiny tim now. Give him a ukelele and he’ll be fine.

  • Shylock

    Been eating a few too many souls i see…

  • itchy feet

    Om nom nom

  • Poor Marilyn…

  • bob downe

    a turd is a turd, and no matter what happens to it… it’s still a turd.