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Let’s all meet the new British tycoon- Adam Talt.


british-tycoonWhen a seventeen year old can pretend more things that you can’t help believing.

From Britain comes the ‘fun’ story of Adam Talt who literally took everyone for a ride (until that ride abruptly ended) when he spent the last six months convincing airline industry executives he was a heavy hitting airline executive himself with his own fleet of jets who happened to be interested in leasing the idle plane himself.

The scam worked for a while with bogus shell companies, fake web (we think they call them virtual in America…) addresses and even live phone operators (his mother?) and executives who would even have hour and a half tea salons with young Adam feeling rather confident and ready to go into business.

Eventually it all came to a close, but to be sure we are rather impressed with the young Adam, we think had this all happened in the good old America he’d probably be flying his own airline some where over your head right now.

The wonderful and capricious things young boys with vivid imaginations get up to…

British Teen Tricks Airline Execs Into Thinking He’s a Tycoon With Fleet of Jets