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Leonardo Di Caprio wants to get laid soon.


leonardo-di-caprioThe things red hot blooded men like to do in NY.

It was reported in this morning’s NYPost, the barometer of all that is banal and hyperbole but admittedly delicious that ‘uber- actor’ Leo was seen last week prowling from one hot venue to the other with a bunch of males while occasionally being seen talking to some hot babes.

Our immediate reaction is of wonder- does this mean Leo is as red hot blooded as the rest of us men in NY, and if that is the case does that mean he has desires, fantasies, to die for passion and even the time to satisfy you.

Just after we got done listening to Michael’s commemoration we’re kind of glad to find out that some icons are not just fantasies in your brains but sometimes the thing wrapped between your loins

Leonardo Dicaprio and Friend Look for Girls while out in Manhattan

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