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Bill O ‘Reilly wants you to move to Amsterdam if you are an anarchist or a druggie.


stupidbillThe great ideas Bill has from time to time.


In a recent segment on the Bill O’ Reilly show Bill explores the notion of how Amsterdam has now become the cesspool of all the illegitimate human beings now allowed to exist and urges you if you happen to be an anarchist or a druggie to quickly take your place in Amsterdam.

What of course doesn’t get said is the reality that statistically speaking- the percentage of people who have ever used cannabis in the USA versus the Netherlands (who have adopted a liberal policy towards the use of drugs) is 40.3 % versus 22.6 %, the homicide rate per 100,000 in the US- 5.6 vs 1.2 in the Netherlands, drug related deaths (ie overdose- 38 versus 2.4 per hundred thousand.

In any event Bill has got his facts wrong again, and is probably just angling to get people he really doesn’t like to move out of the country so he can say he lives in a drug free country.

Pity we can’t get Bill to move out to Amsterdam along with all the anarchists and druggies…

The Truth About Amsterdam, RE: Bill O’Reilly loves Amsterdam

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  • Baloney

    Amsterdam has a government, there for it isn’t an anarchist society. Bill O’Reilly fails again.

  • Yuvie

    oh and where do you send the Republican and Conservatives….To Mars then they can do what ever they want on that planet and leave humanity alone

  • Tilde

    I’ll second that. I swear to my fellow Scallywags, that if Bill O’Reilly is willing to pay to fly me to Amsterdam, I’ll move there.

  • Mr. Floppy Ears

    I’ve got 5k enough for me to get set up on, if he is willing to pay for my airplane ticket (another 2k), I’m gone.