Home Nightlife “Yeah, I like that.”-Pay It Forward Fashion 2009 at M2.

“Yeah, I like that.”-Pay It Forward Fashion 2009 at M2.

Photography by Galya Kovalyova.

This Thursday night, rain aside, we made our way to the luxe M2 lounge for the Pay It Forward Fashion 2009 event. Slated to honor forward thinking individuals, designers and brands that think beyond the vernacular and are prone to certain fanfare. That said one was prone to wonder (momentarily at least…) if the main focus wasn’t about the ‘see’ and ‘I really want to be seen’ mid 20’s girls who all travel in packs of three to seven, and will not be living the sex and the city dreams when their internships end or parents deny rent. That aspect aside, the honorees were impressive to those of us who did know what the event was about.

Despite being only the second event of this sort, from talking with a dashing young chap of an honoree from last year, I learned the venue was larger and the turn out greater this time, which is ‘a fabulous thing,’ he noted. Behind the event was Fashion Delivers which is a charity born out of the Katrina wake which lives its motto “Fashion has a heart” by providing donated products for people and home.

Designer Cloejocom

Meeting and greeting the down to earth honorees proved to be a more meaningful segue way to the larger event inside the venue. The ladies of Philanthropist (donates 100% profits to fighting poverty) were sweet and classic, with amazing shoes, too. Both were honored to be included and l suspect checking out the dashing young chap I had just spoken to.

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