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Sally Golan Night of Social Exposure


Dolita Paris and Sally Golan

Though her initial attempts at quieting down the crowd were questionably fruitful, Golan’s electric presence soon took all to task. Wrapped in DOLITA couture, she cut a striking figure in the crowd. An aspiring producer herself, Golan is at once a mentor and a comrade to her artists.  Her own project, “Shitty Advice for a Dollar,” will be financed by her successes with Social Exposure. As a “constantly evolving” project with a revolving talent/venue roster, Social Exposure has adeptly insured itself against accusations of redundancy, a mortal sin in these parts.   

“The only thing constant in New York,” an enigmatic woman standing at the bar told me, “is novelty.” Her eyes glowed at this pronouncement, exclaimed while pensively stirring her drink in intense survey of the scene before her.  I could tell that this woman knew New York intimately, and that her words were not ones to be taken lightly. At that moment, I felt wonderfully privy to a truth not yet fully understood in my own youth, let alone that of those around me. Lose your step for one moment in New York, and the scent of promise soon sours; the labyrinthine streets turn menace to the artist seeking a way out, lost and with abandoned hope of success in the center. Golan is a woman whose efforts should be recognized with due reverence. She is dedicated to helping underground talent get on their feet, though it is not for her to teach them to walk.  I look forward to following her professional career; Sally Golan is certainly a woman to watch out for.