Home Nightlife Nokia N97- and the NASA intern…Getting by at Marquee.

Nokia N97- and the NASA intern…Getting by at Marquee.


It comes with 32 gigs of memory built into the phone.


SCV: 32 gigs I imagine…?

RL: Yeah! And, you can buy an extra 16 gig memory card and expand it to 48 gigs!

SCV:  I see…

RL: It has a 5 megapixel camera (remember when expensive cameras used to be 3 megapixels?), and a separate webcam in the front for video conferencing.

SCV: It has two cameras?

RL: Yes, in Great Britain right now, there’s this trend going on with the video conferencing, so Nokia thought it would be well implemented here on our phone. It also has Applications that can be downloaded to the phone, and widgets for things like facebook and youtube (which come stock when the phone is purchased). You download these off of OVI. It also has a dual flash—

SCV: Two flashes?

RL: I think that’s what it means.

SCV: Very accommodating..

At some point it all came to a close, and as most Manhattanites are prone to do much fuss was made as to where to head next. Making our way out, and still completely unresolved we were all handed white canvas gift bags with an assortment of goodies—thermoses, change holders, and the like. Of course had they also offered the N-97 I would have immediately headed home instead of to the next bar. Of course such are the matters of most Manhattanites…

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