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Matt Assante Blows it all away…


Matthew Assante

“We started thinking, how could we bring the glam, the energy that one so often finds during a European summer here in Manhattan? Sure we thought about the Hamptons, but then we remembered all that traffic, the driving and wondered what would happen if we approached the Gansevoort Hotel.”

What happened was that they jumped and with the help of China Grill management, front man Tony Theodore who brings the audible joy of China Grill’s impeccable (and we do mean impeccable cuisine) cuisine, timely acumen and wonderful joie de vive the dream was cast and the mast was set.

By now it’s a little after seven and any idea of leaving had long since escaped our minds, the sun is starting to blare red, the house/Euro music getting brisker, the boys and girls even giddier and the throngs starting to snake onto the giant catwalk  more cunning.

Moving closer to the epicenter I come across real estate magnate  (Your Home International) and dandy at large Amir Benesh who reigns the St Tropez, St Barts, Cannes and Ny circuit with rigid aplomb. It is here that I learn that Matt has struck a kindred friendship with the jet setter, who just happened to recently bring Matt out to St Tropez.

“So how is it going.” I finally ask, Patron and Grand Marnier swirling in my glass.

“This is amazing. Really amazing.”

“And how do you know Matt and Dustin?”

“C’mon they are the next generation. I love them so much. It’s amazing the way they bring this energy, the way people respond, and what they have been able to achieve. Stellar!”

By now I’m talking to some supermodel who’s supposedly the new face of Ralph Lauren, another who’s just wrapped the Hugo Boss campaign and some girl who looks like she’s been hustling Parisian catwalks since she was fifteen, but as it turns out is some painter who just moved from Florida.

The music is starting to get louder, violent, the 5th bottle of Don Perignon been flung and sung when  the crowd suddenly goes completely bezerk. For a moment you close your eyes, listen to the bristle of olive trees, the scent of azure waters and the maddening drench of sea water that once in a while coaxes your body.

The song is finally on overdrive, the boys and girls in sheer oblivion, Shukas, the henchman of saxophone annihalting you with his vitriol and the lyrics too sanguine;

“My dream is to fly, over the rainbow so high, over the rainbow so high,”

Crowd in swooning anticipation, the glitter of love and a far away NY skyline, the saxophone winding up, the naked boys and girls in overdrive,

“Hey- my dream is to fly, over the rainbow so high, long time I broke its chains, I try to fly a while so high, so high, my dream is to fly…”

It’s at this moment when I lock eyes with the man that has helped bring this dream to reality and a new sensibility to NY- Matt Assante, but the truth is he’s no where on the planet, because the guy like all of us are floating deep somewhere over in heaven. I reach over and watch the tears of joy flood his face…

“Rise up, rise up, we will be together, my dream is to fly over the rainbow so high, my dream is to fly over the rainbow so high….

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