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Fort Worth, Texas. Not a place we are likely to visit anytime soon…



So much for the legacy of Stonewall, let the groping and beating begin.

Want to find yourself a swank place to come down and celebrate your individuality, hell, even your sexuality. May we suggest you fly past Fort Worth in the future.

It seems things got a tad gruesome when the police turned up to investigate the lascivious behavior of gays having way too much fun. Understandable that the police should be concerned anyone was having a bit too much fun, especially in Fort Worth and with all them ‘gay and lesbian’ types the brass decided to poke their head in and see if they could temper those heathens.

Of course what ensued was an all out brawl, where various patrons ended with brain hemorrhages and being thrown in the clinker.

So may we suggest for all you individuals and sexual type just in case you were thinking of visiting Fort Worth, Texas- DON”T!!!!

Texas gay community outraged at nightclub raid

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