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What happens when you bring an Englishman to NY via LA?

Photo by Benjamin Pasteur.Alexander Purcell.

Once in a while in their merry excursions across town one can come across an interesting eclectic group of individuals. That said we did just that quite recently when we ran across English émigré Alexander Purcell and his Californian partner Richard Overcash of the bold new design firm- APRRO.

Straddling their new sci fi looking furniture designs at the type of soiree where models, investment bankers and the occasional punk rocker where all congregating on this particular evening I was charmed to find out that the green chair I had suddenly found myself reclining against was designed by the chap sitting in the chair facing opposite me.


SCV: Nice chair isn’t it?

AP: Do you really think so?

SCV: Yes, and what about that blonde in the red over there?

AP: Yeah, but I’m curious what makes the chair so nice?

SCV: Oh, well, I like the way it feels, I love the look and it’s damn sleek if you ask me.

AP: Sleek? And the design, what do you think of the design? You have to admit the etchings are kind of cool, they way they oscillate over and over.



  1. All of the JFK pieces were designed my Rich Overcash as was the Tour Lounge. The dishes and corion piece were designed by Alex PUrcell. There must have been a confusion in your notes.

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