Home Nightlife What happened to Busta Rhymes? At YRB’S Mag fete.

What happened to Busta Rhymes? At YRB’S Mag fete.

Photography by Galya Kovalyova.

9pm Wednesday night found us at the M2 Ultra Lounge for the party hosted by YRB Magazine featuring Hip-Hop legend, Busta Rhymes. The VIP was spacious, accommodating, and graciously offered an open bar with well-endowed bartenders.  On my second Heineken, I noticed DJ Skribble on a red carpet that sparkled with camera flashes like the diamonds on Biggie Smalls’ neck. From there I decided to intercede.

SCV: Hello, sir! How are you enjoying yourself?

DjS: It’s great! I music seems good, but I haven’t been here that long; isn’t Flex supposed to be here later, though? I know Busta will be here—I look forward to that.

SCV: How’s the vibe? Is it working for you?

DjS: Yeah, the music is good, the vibe, I like it. The people here are cool, this is fun.

SCV: What do you hope to accomplish from your attendance here?

DjS: Well, I just wanted to come out and chill at my hometown. You know, I’m always out of town traveling, working, and it’s nice to go out a little bit while I’m at home. Network, speak to some people, see what’s going on; I love this city.


We exchanged handshakes and nods, and just as I was considering a beeline to the bar, I noticed three scantily clad, perfectly sculpted bodies of both gender varieties adorning the red carpet. Once more, I was intrigued; I watched as two gladiators in boxer shorts lifted a long, slender, cream-tinted beauty to support her horizontally before them as cameras flashed. Interesting, I thought. Sexy.

They turned the corner from the red carpet located at the entrance of the VIP lounge and models lined up to appear in YRB Magazine. One of the models, Omar Carter, expressed what a good time the party was…“This is the sort of thing you go to when you want to network. I came out here to have fun, have a good time, network, get some stuff done while I enjoy myself.” At this juncture, I considered the slender female model standing next to him that he was just carrying on the red carpet and inquired, “Is it difficult to keep one’s composure as they fulfill the duties of an assignment?” At this, he laughed and replied, “Yeah, you have to think about other things. You have to stay professional, but it definitely crosses my mind sometimes!”