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The Pink Agenda, a will to triumph.

the pink agenda
Photography by Sameeh Alderazi. Devorah Rose.

There are some things a woman wants to never hear, “I don’t love you,” “I don’t have any money,” and “Not good news,” in response to a routine biopsy check in relation to as mammography done pursuant to a bump on one’s breast. Nevertheless at this Thursday’s brave venture into awareness of Pink Agenda’s Breast Cancer awareness we heard NBC host presenter of “The Today Show,” breast cancer survivor Hoda Kotb tell it as it is, not before triumphantly standing there in front of us and asking us to have a good look-“so how do they look?” Our answer, pretty good from where we stood….

As we stood there and listened to the sobering ennui that comes with breast cancer , dealing with loss, accepting loss and the triumph of will one was suddenly reminded no matter how well to do, beautiful, educated, and primed for the future one was one had to accept that at the end of the day fate discriminates very little and such horrid inconveniences could unfortunately come to anyone.

the pink agenda

Returning to the festivities I was delighted to once again run into my favorite loveable couple (even if he has a myriad of biyfriends or boyfriend) Devorah Rose and Kristian Laliberte , part of the honoring committee amongst others – Lauren Pierce Bush, Amanda Hearst, Rachelle Hearst, and Jen Novak.

Asked whether she would be game to be featured by Scallywag for an upcoming lead the social mogul star- Devorah  (and we do love you) was somewhat concerned- “Yes, mmh, well I’ve seen how you run your stories, I’m just not sure if I can handle your back handed compliments… (we think you can Devorah…)

Silly folly aside, Devorah proceeded to tell me how Gawker had recently featured her as one of their bikini girls (can someone please send me the link?) to which my mind wondered and what about Kristian, certainly he deserved the best ‘nearly skinny in my best possible beach wear outfit?”

As we walked around and observed all the rather young beauties and their suitors we did think that inevitably they’d be there running the show one day, but all we could ask is to remember some of the sobering speeches we heard earlier that evening, and that life, no matter how beautiful, privileged and beguiling it is can always be taken away and to that we salute the kids and “Breast Cancer Foundation,” for bringing awareness and raising funds for this very important and serious agenda.

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the pink agenda