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Chocolat & Vin, Indoor Decadence during the Rain.

Photography by Paul WR Perez. Kristin Davis

On a beyond dreary, depressing and wet Thursday night, I popped up my umbrella and grudgingly headed through China town to the St. Jude’s Chocolat au Vin (mais oui, that is chocolate and wine) fete. Dropped curb side, I was ushered in by dapper door men and welcomed numerous times. The red carpet and VIP hors d’oeuvres hour turned into a slew of staff, St. Jude volunteers and plenty of camera and recorder ready press…all waiting. And waiting. So the two hours passed before finally someone showed up to take a picture of on the ten foot length of red carpet. Though it did take a MILF of a mother beside me saying “my daughter loves Gossip Girl” for me to realize it was the darling Connor Paolo, quite the smiley little chap. Soon after was gay and lively Cuba Gooding SR (note: Sr. not Jr., though it was not “show me the money,” he is the image of his son, well…in paternal form.) Following was a “professional model” (her words) who was “not really connected to St. Jude’s” but felt it was a great cause. Hmm, works for me. Now, bring on the wine and chocolate please.

As a smooth buzz of waiters made their way around the room, sparkling wine and delicious tiny bites by Daniel Boulud were offered. (Try sea bass tartar wrapped with butter lettuce, dotted with lemon aioli and chives the size of a thimble, or a thumb sized parmesan cheese cup, with crisp edges filled with goat cheese and a single pine nut on top.) The crowd was building, though shoulders slouched with obvious boredom, when the doors finally opened. Time for more wine, music and dancing. (And waiting for Kristin Davis, the honorary chair.)

Connor Paolo



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