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Chocolat & Vin, Indoor Decadence during the Rain.


Jessica Hart.

Inside the gorgeous and exquisite Capitale, located on Bowery of luxurious grand size, art and architecture, the flowing yet not overwhelming sea of people gathered in the sultry lit ballroom, outlined with sponsors’ tables offering wine tastings, cheeses and artisan breads. More importantly, were the tables of Godiva chocolates along with many bustling waiters clad in all black with trays of truffles. I could not refuse, nor could I help but wonder how many buses of waiters were attending? Well staffed is an understatement, though to pull this off in the same elegance that was intended, the ample hospitality employees were needed. The venue fit well with the live band and performer Tony Bennett, who guests eagerly awaited. “His appeal is timeless!” a fellow attendee told me as we both questioned who the pretty lady on the red carpet was. With my borderline Lolita –esc crush on Tony, I was equally as excited, though truth be told the time from start to show was long and uneventful.

Such a well planned and executed event was refreshing to see in a time when some charity organizations are dropping dinners, cutting budgets and clawing to make ends meet. St. Jude’s has a loyal following with a name we almost all readily know and can easily associate with “finding cures and saving children.”

Plenty of smiling happy people sipped drinks and socialized, while others spent the evening playing with their cell phones. For some it was a delightful evening of arriving late, getting properly sloshed in black tie attire and fully enjoying their well chosen tax write off…while for others, it was obligatory hours spent dressed up during a rainy May evening. Touched by the guests who had once been patients, I could not help but smile myself as I munched yet another truffle. Kristin Davis spoke, Tony sang, attendance score was high, so that equals a successful charity event. The weather might have been gross but the warming wine, cheerful bread baker and being waited on hand and foot made me felt quite alright. Overall elegance and a hot young stud serving the truffles did not hurt either.

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