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Research now shows that you’re over the hill by the time you hit 27. Now it all makes sense…


over-the-hillHave you looked in the mirror lately? Well of course that’s a stupid question but maybe where you should really be looking at is into your mind.

Research now indicates cognitive skill, memory, puzzle solving, memory begins to reach a peak at 27, and from there it’s a steady progression downwards. In a culture that applauds ones looks this might not be the so bad, then again, in a culture that thrives on its ingenuity that may be very bad news.

The good news of course is that accumulated knowledge processing skills (we call thatr maturity folks) keeps improving all the way up to 60. If all else fails, there’s always the millions of creams and lotions cosmetic companies would like to sell you. That’s not even mentioning the pharmaceuticals and the plastic surgeries waiting for your phone call.

Hopefully you’ll be a little wiser before you place those calls. Right?

Old age begins at 27: Scientists reveal new research into ageing

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