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Hysteria in Quasi Celebrity Land. What happens when a fashion designer wants to sue Sally Shan and Scallywag? Let’s find out…

Scallywag and Sally Shan. Photo by Leah Schrager.


Media? What exactly is the role of media and when is it fair to argue that media crosses the line? After all there are many instances of media unduly trespassing upon people’s lives, slandering them, and holding them captive (blame the paparazzi you say…and Amy Winehouse we’re with you).

Yet in our over exposed and over indulged culture where B grade types are looking for life lines one has to wonder when those who seek to be in front of the camera (the quasi celebrities) are now the ones pushing the camera man and demanding what is said of them and if which camera angle is permissible.

It’s true not everyone can always agree on things and we think that’s fine. After all, our bill of rights guarantees everyone, even us all ‘awful’ media types the right to express an opinion. Even Amy Winehouse would agree with this.

That said, we come across the very interesting and peculiar case of Tamara Pogosian (NY based fashion desgner) who has been unable to find relief with the brash group of Scallywag and Vagabond.

Normally we wouldn’t bother to talk about such fluff or even take the whole thing seriously. After all, does one blame the sidewalk (or in Tamara’s case, the runway) when they trip and fall? It’s an idea, but really a facile and perverse one. Then again welcome to the celebrity culture worlds, where if one comes with a modicum of glamour, great pr spin, an ego (always the ego) and a misplaced sense of entitlement then all hell is liable to break out.

To be honest we’d like to see a peaceful resolution to the issue at hand. Yet more importantly we here at SCV feel it’s incumbent as free press and a free voice that we are entitled to express our opinion, our thoughts and value system. If it doesn’t agree with you, that’s okay. We can still acknowledge each other sans the double kisses. No?

So now let’s cut to the chase; not so long ago we sent out one of our writers (who has pleaded their right to privacy) to an event showcasing Ms. Pogosian’s 2009 fall collection. Upon fulfilling our desire of them, our writer later returned that evening pleading with this author and editor in chief (posts I navigate with death defying nimbleness and self amazement) to never be given such a hideous assignments ever again. To say they were disappointed and offended would not be an understatement, but as any reporter knows, sometimes they are required to cover events and ideas that they personally would prefer to stay away from.



  1. “You want something interesting to dig into? Our Miss Sally Shan was admitted into psychiatric hospital not too long ago, and got her ex boyfriend arrested because he wanted out. No wonder this girl is dying for attention from anyone and everyone! How awesome is this?”

    Jennifer please leave people out of things they don’t want to be included in. Sally’s past is Sally’s past, leave it at that. No one cares what she did, and is doing. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and boy did I fall for that beauty. Even if they truly are heartless animals. In the end, it was all a facade. Now I’m left picking up the pieces. Please no more mentioning of this, thank you.

  2. hahaha… no wonder this article has the most comments… it’s the longest blog here! and nobody is even well-known in it… you must have some dedicated readers who are tired of celeb gossip and are catching up on your gossip during working hours when they should be working… but choose to read your blogsss instead. hey, maybe you should copy & paste more personal and confidential emails from anyone that you write about… it looks like it’s working out well for you. that way you’ll have more time to drink wine and hang out with sally.

  3. We hope that we don’t have to publish anymore of Tamara Pogosian’s emails. Although we are wondering how much fun it would be to publish a courts summons. Let’s hope that Tamara Pogosian recognizes it’s better to have a bottle of good wine with the Scallywag than to induce the feeling that the only press is the press that Ms. Pogosian regards as favorable….

  4. I guess Scallywag & Sally needed the press more than Tamara Pogosian… Congrats! Are you going to post more of her emails????? Can’t wait!!!

  5. Total freedom of speech and criticism is the way to perfection! Competitive markets needs it
    ( desperately now!) . The designer absolutely lacks tolerance and patience, not sure if she will make it to the top…time will tell but, Go Sally, Go get’em and DRAG the best out!

  6. Not everyone is happen with theirselves and they try and bring their negative thought on to you. Keep up the great work. I model for my autisic brother, myself, and for my community. what everone else thinks does not matter. I have a mission and that has become my MOTT::
    “When Life hands you Lemons, make LEMONADE”
    Sometimes people expect to much from you and they are not willing to give you anything back. I believe some negative experiences with make you a better and stronger person. Just reach out to the positive people in you life and postive things will happen.
    Thanks Jessica Sauer

  7. sally needs no publicity stunt to prove her capability n beauty
    she has come here on earth to be the most beautiful n bold model …

  8. i respect free speech and know it works both ways
    but it so much easier in life to be an average person who likes being a backseat driver
    backseat drivers with big mouths are some of the worst beings on earth taking up good oxgen
    backseat drivers are not driving because a lot of the times because they don’t own a car, too chicken shit to drive, lazy or just don’t know the directions
    SALLY SHAN is promoting parties
    not a bad job
    it gives back to the cycle of life
    if she gets famous or large as we say in the process, then the parities do as well
    and the places to go get better and more plentiful
    sounds like good business sense to me
    who does this take away from
    JENNIFER D what did u add?
    you tried to air out something about SALLY SHAN to hurt and take away
    was your name not on the list at one of SALLY SHAN’s parties?
    get out of that backseat and get a bike or METROCARD loser

  9. …insulting remarks would impress upon that person that many of those commenting are filled with extreme hatred and vitriol, who don’t care about anything else but dragging someone’s name through the proverbial mud! I, for one, will put a halt to this disgusting negativity…even if, only, for a brief moment.

    Sally has been part of the New York social scene for quite some time–so, she thought, why not take a proactive role in it! She has been–and, still, is–aware of the fierce playing field of event planners and party organizers that exists in this city today, and yet, she has shown the will and determination to take on a new challenge…and the ability to succeed in doing so!

    To those who hold irrational animosity and bitterness inside of themselves, I urge you to be more generous; reconciling; harmonious…and the ‘mature’ adults we believe we are! If we cannot, simply, commend and applaud her efforts in the achievement of her goals, that is, truly, a damn shame–for we are, then, not anything more than the animalistic predators, over which we claim to be superior!

  10. While most of us are blessed with the latitude of expressing our opinions and beliefs freely, at least in many corners of the globe, we could try just a little bit harder to be infuse a more positive approach in the way we, generally, view our fellow human being. Is it any wonder that we have wars; fighting; intolerance; and killing in this world, when we can’t help but find a way to hate; attack someone; or be vengeful when, in many cases, we can, otherwise, be more diplomatic; kind; and–dare I suggest it, even–complimentary of those around us…not because we feel obligated to do so, but, because we WANT to do so!

    For the brief time that I’ve known her, Ms. Sally Shan is an amicable, intelligent, and outgoing individual–a far cry from her, often, negative portrayal on this site. One reading these harsh

  11. Today’s society is filled with problems and ills that need to be solved and cured, more so than, possibly, ever before in the history of the world! I, personally, make a concerted effort to try not to ‘sweat the small stuff’ and worry and get angry about, RELATIVELY, minor things…because life is much too precious and brief to get caught up in such matters!

    My friendly advice to Ms. Pogosian is to re-read the article and re-consider your actions before you make them in haste and may, likely, end up regretting; in case, you’re not sure what I’m referring to–the criticisms and remarks were NOT aimed at you, so…take a step back; breathe; and relax! There are much too many things to be, seriously, concerned about in life–lashing back at others who have not done you any wrong is not one of them!

  12. Don’t stress it guys shes just another diva trying to stir things up at the expense of other people, but in fact she is just making an ass of herself. Can someone send her spell check and grammar check?

  13. Miss Photographer want to be should take a course in law 101. You have no right to any photography — matter of fact you can face legal charge of harassment or breach of the peace. Get your fact straight before you go around taking pictures… hahaha Another Idiota. I’ll take this case just for fun has you guys/gals are a bunch of idiot Since you are not a press photographer, you have no rights to the photo and also did you get permission to take photos..lhahahahaha?

  14. I am sticking with the Ruffino Chiantia Classico Riserva 2005 that my favorite Astorian brought over! As for suing good luck, the first Amendment has withstood the test of time and any tort claim requires several parts… Since there was no physical harm in the article what exactly is she suing for? Defamation? Negligence? Vicarious liability? Instead of wasting any money on this frivolous lawsuit and wasting even more taxpayer money during this recession, invest in a creative director that can at least write in English… This is America after all.
    Sally keep throwing parties and having fun in this great city!

  15. I’ve never heard of Scallywag and Vagabond before Sally Shan. You should continue to write articles about her because more people will read your paper! Let’s not be jealous of her people…she is doing her job and doing it well..some nights are good some nights are bad…imagine if we all had hundreds of people each day evaluating how we do our jobs? In this economy we all want to get out and let off some steam, Sally gives us the opportunity to do that on most nights.

    Keep up the great work Scallywag and Ms. Shan.

  16. ok so first thing is first.. this lady need to change her tampon and have some drinks.. and two has she not heard the bad press is good press.. for a simple (no name) designer to even be mentioned in press… blogging etc…. take it and fly and shut up about it. Im guessing with that attitude and mentality of running a “business” she hasnt gotten much of anywhere… hmm .. i wonder why.. FAIL!

  17. My god, yes I did notice all those spelling mistakes…..Amazing, and she said she’s the creative director?

    Don’t they deport people for such atrocious mistakes?

  18. OH and FYI: I have the right to sue T for using my picture on a site without permission. I am not going to go there because I realized, hey it’s press. although she didn’t compensate me, i decided to take the high road and not waste my time suing her.In all actuality, the thought never came to my mind to sue her. Because hey, any press is good press. A lesson she can learn.

  19. She threatened to sue me for this event but knew she had nothing, since I explained being a photographer I retain all rights to my photos just as scallywag has the right to freedom of speech. (Granted there is nothing signed) Sally and Scallywag have nothing to worry about, this is simply childish behavior, everyone gets bad and good reviews no matter what. Plus I never even got compensated for the work i did.. This only makes her look worse to take these drastic matters! Nobody will want to work with her ever. Plus did anyone notice the horrific spelling? REALLY PROFESSIONAL.

  20. Tamara needs to get a life. suing ???? are you kidding me? does she want to sue people for breathing too. Sally is cool and if i were in her shoes i’d sue Tamara back and her family and her dog or cat or rat or whatever she owns. This Tamara person just needs attention. sad really

  21. You want something interesting to dig into? Our Miss Sally Shan was admitted into psychiatric hospital not too long ago, and got her ex boyfriend arrested because he wanted out. No wonder this girl is dying for attention from anyone and everyone! How awesome is this?

  22. bad press is all ways good press that true benjamin and come on this cannot go to court it so wrong well u have my support from dartonian from the uk

  23. Scallywag should take a course on Law 101! HAHAHAH You should consult a Lawyer before you go blogging – – Also, is this Scallywag sleeping with SleezyShan hahaha. BY blogging, you have violated her rights as the conversation was private in nature and now your idiotic choice to publish will land in some hefty trouble. IDIOTA! HAHAHA keep it up. You shall soon learn what define a freesociety hahaha. Here is a clue for you — INTENT. HAHAHA

  24. well, as Madonna always said, “Bad press is good press as long

    as they’re still talking about you.”

  25. The thing to give you comfort is ultimately the judge will ask, “What are you hoping to get out of this?” and “are your financial claims justified and do you have proof and receipts that show damages?”. If they don’t then he’ll tell them to piss off. I have found that creative people always want to sue when things don’t go their way. But after having been through this several time, unless you can PROVE WITHOUT A DOUBT malicious intent or negligence that caused financial damages and you can provide written proof of estimates then its just another artist throwing a temper tantrum trying to get attention by attacking someone. I wouldn’t sweat it. These things rarely ever materialize.

  26. First off, who the heck is this diva in denial- nobody really gave her coverage anyway. And I LOVE the mispellings- waisted & discusted? I think that pretty much says it all. If you get a letter from her lawyers, you can always countersue for contempt of illiteracy. Keep it up guys- pushing peoples buttons is SO the way to go when everybody in the fame game assumes they’re untouchable. xxwalt

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