Home Fashion William Rast brings you uber Celebrity, Slinky jeans and Leather ones too.

William Rast brings you uber Celebrity, Slinky jeans and Leather ones too.

Photography by Azumi Nii.

In some parts of the world people like to watch the snowflakes melt along the Danube, but at William Rast’s recent show what we were watching wasn’t snowflakes but the mouths of everyone sitting behind the front row drop. At some point the idea behind the line morphed into the face of the line, or to be blunt the celebrity fans behind the line, then again what we were really expecting…

williamrast-31The truth is if you have ever thought about stepping into a William Rast outfit you should be put on notice that you need to spend your weekends riding motor cycles in canyons, sipping lattes anywhere along the LA Boardwalk and have a second home somewhere just south of Houston and Prince st. If this is not you, you’re still forgiven as long as you can effect the idealistic pout of bronzed youth, Dionysian (hedonistic ?) beauty and the gaze that could so easily see you working as a Miss. USA or better still Miss. Universe. Fortunately for you they were there too (alongside the following who apart from Anna Wintour and Justin Timberlake I had to have my intern identify for me- Jessica Biel, Emile Hirsch, Bee Shaffer, John Lindeberg).

Sitting anywhere but near the front row (what is the fascination about this anyway?) we watched as the girls strutted in slinky camel hair vest coats and knee high tube socks with tassels sashaying off their boots. The boys too were the rage with their leather bike gloves, lean faded jeans and leather jacket countenances.  All in all a fascinating show if you could get anywhere near the front row.


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