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Danny Atrache goes for 1970’s Debutante Verve.



There are some things that one is obliged to believe are long gone and never to reappear- the 1970’s and debutantes are one of them. Thanks to Mr. Atrache, sitting through his show one was swept away by another era, all one needed to do was steep themselves in Barry White and the sand dunes one felt they belonged to at some Long Island sound as the aroma of high tea princesses and their jet set aura compelled them to reiterate.

cfw0994-copySwishing or to be precise voluminously strutting the hotel lobby these faux (but delicious) debutantes cut a lithe and airy sensibility. With clean classic fluid lines the girls took their place in society (as it seemed) and offered one the visage that who was really on stage wasn’t some waif starving herself to death but an idealistic version of a Daisy Buchanan of Great Gatsby fame, or to be precise the ethereal visage of a Mia Farrrow long in our minds, circa of course –1970’s.


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  • Anne

    Photographer very successfully captured the mood and movement of both model and fabric-result: emphasis on great fashion!

  • brandon

    When the essence of the show is evident in a photograph, thats good work. Quality shooter.

  • Anonymous

    wonderful shots bby a wonderful photograper:)

  • Aste Spumante

    To sit on a proverbial Freudian couch and to emote a yearning of yesterday’s long memory gone by and to opine, “Rosebud, rosebud!?”

    No,no, not quite.., just let the sweet, the sensual and the ephemeral again swing back our way.
    What once was old is new again…

  • Very nice shots as always from Alex Romanov. I had pleasure to work with him as well. Alex always positive, hard working, full of interesting ideas.