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Scallywag: In Search of a Young Author.


We here at Scallywag and Vagabond have always been encouraged by dissent, irreverence, cavalier dispositions and a profundity to seek truth at the expense of one’s personal or social moral code (what ever that word means…). This in turn has emboldened us to cover more events, be asked to cover more events, solicited for our thoughts, views whilst we solicit you for some more liquor.

That said, if you feel you’re somewhat capricious, dedicated, uber talented, and can handle an editor calling you at four am in the morning you should consider writing for us.

We of course would prefer it if you have read all the classics from J.D Salinger, Hemingway, Oscar Wilde, even some French literature, but even if you are only versed in guttural commentary, and attuned to page 6 sensibilities we’ll still consider you as long as you’re the type of person our readers could believe would make it to page 6.

Please respond to myself- christopher@scallywagandvagabond.com and if you can tantalize this scallywag we should think you will do likewise for our growing readers.

Please feel free to peruse the site to get a sense of editorial candor or lack of…

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  • Abigaile

    Why don’t you include Hunter Thompson or Dostoevsky in your list of suggested classics on the purple peace sign website? Besides that, everything you wrote makes perfect sense. Specifically the 4am calls, which, as long as you don’t mind listening to some grumbling while I find my pack of cigarettes, I don’t mind answering in the least.