Becoming Belle Knox: I want to be on the cover of Vogue.


Belle Knox is back in the news, this time as Conde Nast is set to tell her story , Becoming Belle Knox, a story the outlet tells it couldn’t decline examining given the public’s insatiable appetite with the adult actress who caused consternation when it was revealed earlier this year the Duke College ivy leave […]

Belle Knox launches tirade against Pakistani censors. Should she be blocked?


Belle Knox otherwise known as Miriam Weeks in real life has this time taken on the very formidable task of combatting Pakistan censors after the nation has sought to deny access to her twitter account, judging it to be ‘unethical and blasphemous.’ The bid comes as Belle Knox takes regularly to twitter to promote her […]

Belle Knox responds to Alyssa Funke suicide: ‘I also considered killing myself.’


Belle Knox aka Miriam Weeks in real life has felt compelled to respond to the tragic events which led to the suicide of 19 year old Alyssa Funke who took her own life after she was outed starring in a Casting Couch porno film she made earlier this year. Alyssa Funke of Casting Couch suicide […]

Belle Knox sexually assaulted. Miriam Weeks parents thought she was a virgin.


It seems there’s more to Belle Knox (aka Miriam Weeks in real life) than we all previously knew. In a new interview feature with Interview magazine, the Duke College freshman adult star has revealed a myriad of new detail, some of it disturbing that might go some way into describing the psyche behind the young woman who […]

Vanessa Knowles nude pictures. Law student poses nude to pay for law school.


It seems to be an increasingly acceptable way to get ahead for women. Using their looks and sexuality to earn their keep and then some. Latest entrant in the sexualization of their looks is Vanessa Knowles (stage name) who has taken to posing nude to pay for law school. The law student’s posing comes off […]

Belle Knox inspires NYC college students to become strippers.


Just in case there was any doubt, the nypost is reporting that young college women have been so seduced by the candor of Belle Knox, aka Miriam Weeks that they are now turning to stripping in the droves. According to a conversation with one dancing venue (and that really isn’t much to go by, but […]

Belle Knox to host reality show, The Sex Factor.


Belle Knox aka Miriam Weeks in real life it seems is on to bigger and better things as it’s now being reported that the Duke University porn star (and I do mean star) has  landed the plum role of host of an upcoming reality show called, ‘The Sex Factor.‘ According to the nypost, Belle Knox […]

Belle Knox, Miriam Weeks backlash from adult industry sets in.

** WARNING CONTAINS PARTIAL NUDITY** The scholarly porn star who became "bigger than Bieber"

Whilst the mainstream media have championed Belle Knox, aka Miriam Weeks in real life as a kind of ‘positive’ role model within the adult entertainment industry, it seems there are some who have second thoughts. Especially fellow performers who have taken to calling out the Duke freshman as an opportunist. One adult entertainer who has […]

Miriam Weeks returns to school today. Doesn’t care if you think she’s a slut.


Miriam Weeks, otherwise known as Belle Knox has told that she is undaunted by the shameless behavior of Duke‘s student body as she is set to return to school today. Yesterday the newly minted celebrity told that she had decided against returning to school again after a flux of death threats (who knew students attending […]

Miriam Weeks Death threats force her to stay away from school. Or is she just too busy making porn?


Whilst Miriam Weeks, also known by her stage name Belle Knox may be piling on a fistful of dollars, continued hostility and ire at the Duke college freshman has led to the adult actress declaring that she is for the sake of safety abstaining from attending classes for the time being. In fact, so bad have […]