Forever 21 wants to let young girls know that they are too pretty(stupid) to bother with algebra.


What is it with clothing manufacturers that insist patriarchal roles for men and women? In today’s fashion gaffe comes the release of fashion brand Forever 21 with their new female line that dictates that women are best suited to looking pretty and not having to bother too much with using brains, cause that’s implicitly what […]

Women who trade their vagina for the chance to live the Hampton experience. High society in action.


Out of the NY Post today comes  a tale of one man, Cass Almendral, and similar men like him who uses the allure of their Hampton’s villa to bait young NYC women desperate for a taste of the good life at no expense to them. Well, almost no expense to them… In addition to the […]

Dutch tax man introduces new plan to tax sex workers.


Historically, the Dutch government has been slightly lenient toward sex workers than any other nation, displaying a sliver of empathy for what calls “the whole human trafficking/pimp thing and all”. Not anymore. Officials have introduced a tax on all registered sex workers, enabling the eyes of the law to view them as self-employed business women. […]

Modern Racism, The Social Stealth Bomber.

ethnic copy

Growing up in America, many of us have been exposed to racism in one form or another, usually only from one side of the fence. Characteristics that define each culture and race often go by unappreciated or misunderstood and seem strange to many Americans of a differing ethnicity.  For a time, it seemed the nation […]