The hottest baby names of 2012 are….?

Decimus literally means the tenth and is influenced by the Hunger Games where all the characters have Ancient Roman names.

Moonlit, Casius, Cinammon. Are these some of the most popular baby names of 2012….?

Here’s a surprise for anyone who doesn’t follow popular culture, but this year’s most popular names are strongly influenced by that’s right, popular culture.

According to nameberry(a forum that qualifies what names are getting searched and talked the most) the biggest spikes in views centered on unusual and yet strangely sounding names influenced by popular culture but destined to be distinctly individualistic.

According to huffpo the strongest baby name influences right now include: “Hunger Games,” “Game of Thrones,” and ancient Rome. Many of the hot names relate to nature and to worlds beyond our own. And most share a transcendence of traditional gender identity, containing elements of names for the opposite gender if not crossing over to unisex territory.

Hmm which seems to suggest either there are a lot of teenagers out there who just can’t let go of their super hero fascination or the fact that many of us are perhaps searching inwards for a kind of transcendence in the face of the many bizarre conflicts that continue to grate us. What though is interesting is the moving away from classical names like Robert, David, John, Karen, Mary to the more ethereal. Is that because we no longer believe in tradition, what the bible tells us or because some finely featured actor who got to play a fantasy character by the name of Decimus did a wonderful job of waking the desire for transcendence within us?

If you want the complete list and meaning of trending names check out either nameberry or huffpo