Patrick Schwarzenegger is now a confirmed hot bitch. Makes his modeling debut.

Kids I have taken to looking to a high powered vacuum cleaner to suck up all the sticky stuff (yes all that…) off the lapels of my shirt after having spent countless hours watching, dreaming, re watching, crying, and again re watching and of course hysterically crying at the visage of my new soft porn hero Patrick Schwarzenegger.

It was all a matter of time before Arnie and Marie thrust their pubescent little boy at us, and oh how happy we really are as we get to watch this hot bitch do his thing on the camera (for maximum dizzy effect I would suggest pressing pause at the 20 second spot where your eyes lock with Patrick’s…and again when the bitch takes his shirt off at 1.06).

As Patrick likes to remind us choose the freedoms others take for granted. Which is another way to say choose the freedom to never stop laying your eyes on that hot bitch for eternity…

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