Milla Jovovich is not really a fan of the paparazzi after all…

Somewhere in Mexico earlier this week. Photo source: Getty.

Being a celebrity in the limelight can be a harrowing job. But just in case you’re confused of how harrowing things can really be, why don’t we spend a moment together pondering the scowl on Milla Jovovich’s face. Perhaps she’s trying to relay a message?

Don’t you wish you were a scumbag paparazzo celebrity too?

Your naked pictures of Milla Jovovich are finally here.

  • ohmygosh

    Why would anyone want to see this underweight starving wafe naked? Her bones are sticking out and her body looks child like/. Hurry ! Someone buy this poor girl a dinner or two.

  • Thomas

    Well you only posted 2 pics, if you would have shown the others, too, anyone would notice, that she makes a joke with those paparazzo.

  • Scallywag

    It didn’t look like a joke from where we sat. – the Editor.