It’s now going to cost you $30 000 to have dinner with Anna Wintour.

Anna Wintour- 'Will you be having dinner with Anna soon?'

How much money does it cost to schmooze with the leader of the fashion world, and the leader of the free world? $30,000 a person. Anna Wintour, editor in chief of Vogue, and one of the most iconic fixtures in fashion, was set to have a fundraiser dinner with President Barack Obama this past Wednesday according to WWD.

Anna Wintour is the host of the event, which is fund raising for the Democratic National Committee, at her New York City home.  Although the guest list has remained hush-hush, it’s speculated that A-list designers Calvin Klein and Donna Karan will be in attendance.

Huffington Post: This isn’t the first time Wintour has wooed the president with a meal. In June 2008, she co-hosted a party with Calvin Klein, André Leon Talley and Shelby Bryan. That event had a $1,000 to $2,300 ticket price.

We just hope that Anna kicks back and takes her sunglasses off. She has to have enough etiquette to remove them for a dinner that costs $30,000 a person, hopefully. Then again, if you’re Anna Wintour, and your guests are willing to pay $30,000 to spend the evening with you, you can do whatever you wish.

God Bless America, and Anna too…

Anna Wintour refuses to let Ms Lily’s, a Jamaican restaurant open near her West Village pied a terre.

  • rammer

    does one get a side order of poo-naa-nee for those $30,000?