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Christopher Koulouris (Scallywag himself) ; Chief Editor and Cultural Correspondent/Savage predator blogger.

When I was a young man I happened to be bartending at a very posh hotel just across the road from Hyde Park, London. One afternoon, a bevy of guests had begun to accumulate around the table in front of the bar, when for no apparent reason (I figured I must have said something flippant along the way to one of the members of the party) I was invited to participate in their drinking revelry.

At first hesitant and quite reticent, but by the third glass of champagne quite sanguine and reassured by new friends (lords of sorts) I kept drinking when someone happened to ask;

“What had happened to the blooming bartender?”

I must’ve looked askew and quite nonchalantly replied; “I am your bartender!”

Needless to say I was never asked by management to ever tend bar for the hotel again.

All enquiries should be sent to christopher@scallywagandvagabond.com

John Wenrich: Arts and Lifestyles Editor

We love watching what Johnny comes up for us, always fierce and uniquely funny…

JoJo Iles: UK Fashion Editor

Our beloved JoJo always there to give us the scoop from old Blighty.

Kate McDermott. Media attache and contributing correspondent

What would we do without Kate?

Dimitria Parisis. Savage predator blogger.

Don’t piss her off bixches.

Sarah Hartshorne; Contributing Cultural Correspondent.

Contentious and with a sharp tongue, she is a favorite here at Scallywag and Vagabond. A mainstay on the fashion and film circuit. Just wicked.

Farrah Safara. Contributing Cultural Correspondent.

Poet at heart and curious by nature, a regular contributor.

Luca Mazzucato. Contributing cultural correspondent

Scientist at heart and a seething observer of society.

Alissa Lentz. Contributing events correspondent.

Attending the soirees we are so jealous of…

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