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5 Fashion Tips for Young Adults

Develop fashion style for young adults and students
How students can develop fashion style & experiment with wardrobe.
Develop fashion style
How students can develop fashion style & experiment with wardrobe

How students can develop fashion style & experiment with wardrobe: purchasing clothing in both styles and colors that look good and work for your body type. 

As a young adult, finding your sense of fashion often takes trial and error, and you may need to try some things you don’t like to find what you do. Much goes into what you decide to wear, including your lifestyle and personal tastes. But no matter what your situation, there are ways you can develop your sense of style.

Take Some Time to Experiment

When you are in your 20s, you can spend time playing around with different colors and styles to see which trends feel the best for you. Experiment with different kinds of fashion and consider trying new trends. Even if you don’t like the trends, the important thing is to try them. When you are a young adult, you can get away with everything from distressed jeans to sneakers to mini dresses. 

This is a great time to have some fun with your clothing. Spending money on new trends may feel like it takes more money than you have, but readjusting your budget can help you make new kinds of clothing more affordable. One option is to refinance your student loans by taking out a new one. This can help you reduce your monthly expenses to free up more money to spend on fashion experimentation. A NaviRefi student loan refinance can get you better rates or repayment terms.

Invest in Key Pieces for Your Wardrobe

While you can get away with a lot in your 20s, you will also have everything from weddings to job interviews to work, so it’s important to have a couple of key pieces you can rely on for these things. You might purchase a well-fitting blazer that you can wear to interviews or a neutral-colored pair of heels to wear to weddings. Consider getting a nice leather jacket or wool coat to wear during the winter, to dress up or down depending on your outfit. From here you can always choose the right accessories to make your look feel varied each time you wear it. Accessories can prevent stagnation in fashion and allow you to participate in trends in a low-commitment way. 

Look for Examples

Having examples of fashion icons will help you be inspired and find your own fashion sense. You may look for key pieces in their outfits that you can then incorporate into your own clothing. If you have a family member or friend who is fashionable, you can talk to them about how to establish a personal style for yourself based off their blueprint. If you love a shirt or jacket they have, ask where they got it and whether they think it would fit with who you are. 

Even if you don’t know anyone with a strong sense of fashion, that doesn’t mean you can’t still be inspired. Look online for inspiration and create mood boards with inspiration. You don’t have to look to celebrity influencers with expensive clothing, especially if it does not speak to your sense of style. Choose women who are like you and who have a modest but stylish wardrobe.

In the same way, if you have a tattoo that no longer represents your personal style, researching tattoo removal options can be a step towards aligning your appearance with your evolving fashion sense. Just like updating your wardrobe, considering tattoo removal is about ensuring every aspect of your look reflects who you are now.

Develop fashion style for young adults and students
How students can develop fashion style & experiment with wardrobe.

Play Around with Colors

There are many ways to play around with color. You may choose one color and base your entire outfit and accessories around that. It makes it easier to get dressed in the morning because it quickly narrows down your options. You can match from top to bottom without spending time and money on your clothing. On the other hand, you can go in the opposite direction and give your outfit more personality by basing your clothing around an assortment of colors. Combine pastels, neutrals, or neon colors in one go to make your outfit stand out.

Understand and Accept Your Body Type

Determining your body type will help you figure out what types of clothing look best on you. Your body type helps you develop your sense of style for now and the future. This helps you purchase clothing in both styles and colors that look good on you. This doesn’t mean only one style looks best on you or that you must purchase the same colors all the time. 

Knowing and understanding your body type frees you to embrace the things your body can do for you. By saying no to certain cuts, you are allowing yourself to say yes to the ones that fit you perfectly. That way, you can eliminate items that hang in your closet without being worn. It helps you purchase things that make you feel the best. Take some time to learn about your body shape, as well as your coloring. There are online quizzes that will help you determine this, and you can then shop more intentionally.