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Fashion Advice: How To Choose The Right Accessories

choose the perfect fashion accessory
How to choose the perfect fashion accessory for whatever occasion or event you are attending?
choose the perfect fashion accessory
How to choose the perfect fashion accessory for whatever occasion or event you are attending?

How to choose the perfect fashion accessory for whatever occasion you are attending? Think outside the box, don’t go overboard, consider the nature of the event. 

Fashion accessories are a crucial part of your style, and dressing confidently is integral to self-confidence. They come in all different shapes and sizes, from purses to earrings to bracelets, and you can use them to complement any outfit. But even more so, they can be used as a way to express your personal look. With that in mind, how do you choose the perfect accessory for whatever occasion you are attending?

Think Outside The Box!

It is easy to fall into the toilet trap of reading magazines and allowing them to dictate which is the best item to wear. Although it is always good to keep your finger on the pulse, it is also vital to ferment your particular characteristic. Your style says a lot about who you are, and first impressions are essential. One exciting item you could consider is moldavite jewelry. Moldavite is a rare stone that comes in different colors. It is found in a meteor crater in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. It has been used for jewelry since its discovery in the 1800s. The stones are often seen worn by celebrities or as a symbol of good luck. As long as you get the real deal, it looks fantastic and will enable you to stand out in a sea of similarity!

Don’t Go Overboard

The saying less is more carries a lot of weight in the fashion world and especially for the accessory side of things. Although you want to develop your style to transmit to the world who you are as a person, too many trinkets and jewels might portray the wrong message. This is not to say that you can’t express yourself, but if you choose to wear more than one item at a time, you need the confidence and charisma to pull it off. Since not many people can do this, it makes sense to keep things simple. But what does this mean in practice? 

Essentially, you merely need to choose one accessory per body part and see how things mix and match. In some cases, you can substitute one item of a body part for another. For example, if you are the sort of person who enjoys wearing multiple bracelets, you might want to reduce the number of rings on your fingers. 

Accessory Sets Look Better When They Are Smaller

Smaller accessories tend to fit better as part of a set than larger ones. Some people question whether or not accessories belong in a group and if it isn’t better to match up desperate items. This can be true, as, with most things fashion-related, it is subjective. But the fact remains that a set of jewelry can look extremely sophisticated when done right and paired with the right outfit. However, putting together oversized items might look a bit over the top and not as elegant as you might think. 

choose the perfect fashion accessory
Choosing the perfect fashion accessory. Never forget your bag!

Don’t Forget Your Bag

Having the right handbag can often complete your look. With several options to choose from, what should you choose?

  • Shoulder: The most functional type of bag need not be the most mundane. You will be able to wear it for almost any occasion if you choose one that matches most of your outfits.
  • Crossbody: this is another somewhat practical bag, but you can find all sorts of styles to suit your requirements.
  • Satchel: These are larger than your average handbag, yet they still look professional. They are often made of leather or a leather substitute and can be a fabulous bag to bring to work.
  • Tote: The everyday bag, the topper that carries everything and anything. Fortunately, you no longer need to look like a homeless person these days as they come in a range of styles. Additionally, you can often use these bags for multiple occasions as long as your outfit matches.
  • Clutch: Often used as evening accessories, clutches are glamorous handbags of varying formalities.
  • Wristlet: Similar to a clutch, but with an attached string that you can use to place around your wrist. You could think of these as an informal clutch.

Consider The Occasion 

As a rule of thumb, smaller is better for work garments. Therefore, if you are dressing up for work, it is advisable to go for things that are more discrete. On the other hand, if you are heading out to attend a swanky cocktail party, you might consider searching for items contrasting with your dress and accentuating your features. This could mean a bright red ruby on a silver necklace if you wear a black number or something green if going down the red route (you could use the moldavite as discussed earlier). Conversely, if you are heading out for a fun night at the bar with friends, you might choose something more flashy and perhaps even ostentatious, depending on where you go. The idea is to carefully consider the situation you will be presenting yourself to match your accessories to the moment.

A Watch Isn’t Only For Telling The Time

An elegant timepiece can be the defining feature of your outfit and boring all other accessories together. In a similar vein to the previous point, you must acknowledge where you are going and choose your watch accordingly. Watches are no longer just for telling time. Watches are getting more and more popular as fashion accessories. They serve as a statement of your style, personality, and preferences. Watches should be used as additional accessories like other jewelry; match them up and don’t let them stand out on their own.

Your Finger Size Will Dictate Ring Size

There is no hard and fast rule regarding the size of the ring that you can wear on your fingers, apart from the fact that the size of your digits will determine the way they look. Rings with slimmer bands suit those with long, slender fingers. In contrast, those with chubbier fingers often look better with thicker bands.

Fashion accessories have a way of helping you to express your personality. They can help you feel more confident and play up your look. You should attempt to maintain your own particular aesthetic but not be afraid to push boundaries when required.