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Get the Job of Your Dreams in Half the Time with Skillhub’s Feedback Strategies

resume writing agency
Benefits of using a resume writing agency: repackaging your skillset
resume writing agency
Benefits of using a resume writing agency: repackaging your skillset

Should you use a resume writing agency: Reaching out to trained eyes can help a professional review and repackage your skillset to help you get into your profession.  

How often does it happen that you’ve written a resume yourself, but in the end, you’re unsure whether you’ve chosen a proper format that highlights your strengths the best? Career building sometimes involves asking third parties like resume writing agencies for help. Getting help from writing professionals will minimize your job search time, even if you’ve got an old document and need professional feedback. 

Let’s find out what feedback from a writing agency is and why you might need it.

What is a Feedback from a Writing Agency?

Think of it as a separate service. Let’s say you’ve got an old resume or wrote a new one yourself. Sure, you’ve followed all instructions, but because you might lack experience in resume writing, you might have overlooked a detail or two. Meanwhile, reaching out to writers in your city, such as medical resume writer, will help you get a professional review of the structure and content. A professional writer will review your document and advise on how you can optimize it. 

Here at Skillhub, we have professional writers with years of experience who know everything about cover letters and resume writing or editing. We can also power up your job search with professional LinkedIn profile building. And if you’ve already got a resume, we’ll gladly check it and come back to you with tips on optimizing it to get your dream job.

Benefits of Feedback and Where You Can Get It

First, professional feedback or a zety resume reviews can help you identify areas that can be improved. For instance, your Summary might be good, but the skills listed in the Hard Skills section might not be enough to persuade the reader of your professionalism. 

Second, a professional writer knows how to ensure the data you put in the sections is explicitly tailored to the job demands you’re applying for. They’ll help you highlight the skills, experience, and education relevant to the position while choosing the proper format and content for Other Sections.

Third, a professional writer commonly has excellent proficiency in linguistics. That’s why they can ensure your resume is free of grammar and punctuation mistakes while its style is flawless. 

Places to Get a Job Search Feedback

  • Writing centers and career services. These are the most common places for getting a free career and writing feedback at schools, colleges, and universities. If one is a student, they can get a free career consultation and tips on tailoring their job search documents to the requirements of the industry jobs;
  • Writing agencies. Reviewing a resume comes at a lower price than writing it from scratch. Also, you get advice from professionals who’ve been writing resumes and cover letters for long enough to provide their clients with the best writing advice;
  • Recruiting agencies, college mentors, and career consultants. These places come with both free and tiny-fee services depending on the organization and other policies;
  • Networking online and in real life. This is where you can find professionals working in the same industry. They can share stories on how they’ve entered the industry, found their first job, and built a career with well-composed job search documents.

Why is a Resume Writing Agency the Best Place to Get a Feedback?

You might have heard stories where a person found a job in a few days or stories where a recent graduate found a company that now pays well (despite the lack of work experience). How do all these people find the job of their dreams so fast? As you might have already guessed, most have some side help. 

Writing a resume on your own is praiseworthy. But getting a little help from a writing professional is even better. Why so?

  • Format and style. An average CV writer has composed hundreds of documents like cover letters. Hence, they know what the power of proper formatting means. They know how to increase the readability of your document, so it leaves a recruiter happy;
  • ATS bots. Your resume might be perfect, but did you know that over 80% of companies use applicant tracking systems or ATS? Before a document lands on the recruiter’s desk, it goes through a program that checks whether it contains enough professional words. In other words (pun intended), your resume should be specifically tailored for the job position so you can nail it;
  • Cover letter and LinkedIn profile building. Apart from checking a resume, a professional writer might suggest you review your cover letter and build your LinkedIn profile

Things to Pay Attention to When Choosing a Writing Agency 

How to not become a victim of fraud online? Well, first, make sure the company has credentials and certifications

Second, check the portfolio of the writers working for the company. 

Third, check the money-back guarantee. At Skillhub, we have a 60-day money-back policy. We can guarantee you’ll get the money back for the service if our services don’t help you find a job in a month. 

Also, ask the company whether they’ve got 24/7 customer support so you can stay in touch with a writer. 

Final Thoughts

A feedback or review service boosts the chances of the candidate’s resume winning a job. Writing professionals can point out the areas for improvement, advise on the format, style, and content, and ensure your job search documents are tailored specifically for the position you’re applying for.

We hope the article was helpful to you. Good luck!

Consider using resume writing services to save you time on winning your dream job and don’t worry about the cost of a resume writer. It is worth it!


What is a feedback service?

A feedback service is when a writer reviews a resume or cover letter you’ve already got and gives you advice on optimizing them.

What does a feedback service include?

A feedback service includes a format, structure, and content review of the document you provide.

How fast can I get my feedback?

You can get resume feedback in a few hours. It might take more time if the task is complex.