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Summer Style Guide: 9 Styling Tips for Summer

Dressing for Summer
Dressing for Summer Style tips: Mixing & matching your wardrobe
Dressing for Summer
Dressing for Summer Style tips: Mixing & matching your wardrobe

Dressing for Summer Style tips: Mixing and matching your wardrobe with breathable light fabrics, versatility, minimum accessories while remaining chic. 

Dressing for summer is a lot of fun but it presents its unique challenges. It is a tricky balance to keep cool when the heat is on while following the latest trends. 

Moreover, if you have more monochromes, the bright colors can come off as a bit of a shock. 

Here is a brief summer guide to help you retain a signature look while staying stylish. 

Choose Breathable Fabrics

When it comes to choosing fabrics for summer, go for options like cotton, rayon, and linen. You should be able to breathe in the fabrics to beat the summer heat. Decorate your summer wardrobe with natural fibers. 

Embrace Loose Styles

When it comes to summer clothes, the goal should be to have as much airflow as possible. But it does not mean that you should go strapless. Instead, consider puff-sleeve blouses and off-shoulder blouses for your outfits. Another great option is a short sleeve with button-ups. 

Clean Pair of White Sneakers 

A fresh pair of white sneakers are the best way to style your outfit for the summer. You can wear them with anything from jeans, and mini to dresses and complete your outfit with a good pair of carrera sunglasses. It looks stylish and comfy at the same time. 

Choose the Perfect Summer Sandals 

If you are a fan of flats then find some good summer sandals to go with every outfit. Slide sandals are a great option for their comfort and ease just like flip flops. Moreover, adding a bold color adds more style and takes any summer outfit to the next level. 

Dress Up Your Denim

Pair your denim with dressier pieces that result in a fashionable high-low look. You can try a pair of jeans with a cute top and a pair of bright slides. You can also style denim shorts with a shirt. 

Explore Prints and Patterns 

Since summertime is packed with events, you should explore prints and patterns. You can show up to the bridal shower, brunch, or wedding, wearing a floral print or a splash of geometric pattern. 

Add Dresses to Your Wardrobe

There is no other season more special for a wardrobe revamp than the summers, learn more to find the best summer athleisure collection for your 2023 wardrobe. Dresses aren’t just for special occasions like some people think. A comfy summer dress is the best option when you run out of ideas. Even though summer is the best time to bring out your miniskirts, rompers, and minidresses, it’s okay to go longer. You can select a sleeveless maxi or a long skirt.

Minimize Accessories 

Try to keep down the accessories when styling your summer outfits. Lots of dangling jewelry pieces such as necklaces and bangles can stick to your skin and add up to the heat. Fight the summer heat with sunblock and a pair of sunglasses from Vision Direct. Keep it simple and choose one statement accessory like hoop earrings

Light Coloured Outfits 

Wearing more light colors will help reflect the sun and help you beat the heat. More particularly, light colors will absorb less heat than darker colors. The light color also has the advantage of pairing them with almost anything.