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How to Organize and Store Your Clothes

organize and store clothes
How to organize & store your clothes & make sure they look great.
organize and store clothes
How to organize & store your clothes & make sure they look great.

How to Organize and Store Your Clothes Properly: Making sure your clothes look great when you’re ready to wear them. 

A big part of looking great is making sure you have the right outfit for every occasion. How do you find the clothes you’re looking for when you need them unless you have your closet well organized? How do you make sure your clothes look great when you’re ready to wear them unless you’ve stored them properly?

Let’s look at these two aspects of fashion that get a little overlooked. Everyone always talks about picking the right outfit and staying up with the trends, but what about making sure that you can find your fashionable outfits and that they’re prepped and ready to go for when you need them? That’s what we’re going to cover here.

Keep Clothes Smelling Fresh

Part of making sure you are attractive and appealing in the clothes you’re wearing is to make sure that your clothes smell good. You’ll have to do more than simply put them through the laundry with fragrant detergent. You also want to store them in a way that you ensure they don’t become musty. Make sure there’s some ventilation in the closet and keep all water sources out of your clothing storage area.

You want to keep the closet dry and clean, and this applies to any area where you have your clothes stored, including dressers, cupboards, and racks. Make sure there’s no water around the clothes, and you should check for leaks to prevent mold from building up around them and creating a musty smell in the clothes. That mustiness can be really hard to get rid of. Kyle with one of the best nyc cleaning service says “Consider having your home professionally cleaned to help get rid of mold and keep the place smelling fresh”. This will ensure that your clothes smell fresh too.

Make sure that your clothes dry out completely after they are washed. You also don’t want to hang them back up inside a confined space if you wore your clothes in the rain or you sweated through your clothes. If there’s any kind of moisture trapped in the clothing and then you place the clothes into a confined space like a closet or dresser drawer, you can create musty, unpleasant smells in your clothes.

organize and store clothes
How to organize & store your clothes with the essentials upfront.

Organize Your Clothes with the Essentials Up Front

How you arrange your clothes is really important to maintaining your style. If you make it difficult to find the clothes that you prefer to wear, you may end up sacrificing fashion on the altar of convenience. In other words, you want to place your commonly used clothes at the front of your closet. Make those the first clothes you see when you open the closet door. And, if you store your clothes in a drawer, put the essentials up front.

This method of organization makes it really easy to find the clothes you prefer to wear. You’ll spend less time rifling through the clothes, which means you’re less likely to disorganize, rumple, and wrinkle the clothes.

Prepare Your Clothes ahead of Time

If you want your clothes to last, you’ll have to take really good care of them. Try not to wear them when they are wrinkled and in need of ironing. This can be damaging to the clothes, as it can make the wrinkles a more permanent part of the clothing. Also make sure that you only iron clean clothes, as ironing clothes after they have been worn but before they’ve been washed can set the wrinkles into the clothing more permanently.

If you know you’ll be wearing something soon after it comes out of the wash, you should iron it then hang it up so that it’s ready to wear when you need it. That way, you’re not rushing to get ready and throwing the clothes on when they really should be ironed first. It’s a good idea to prepare your clothes the night before you’re going to wear them. Set them out, hang them up, iron them, and make sure they smell and look fresh. 

organize and store clothes
How to organize & store your out of season clothes

Give Your Clothes Space

Your clothes also need a little room however you store them. Some clothes can be squashed close together and not be damaged, but clothes made of light fabric may be damaged when pressed closely together, especially when pressed close against clothes made of rougher or stronger fabric. That can create friction that damages the clothes over time.

Consider how close together your clothes are stored and try to give them enough space so that they can hang freely without being squished against one another in your closet. You may need to set up more storage space, creating a hanging rack or buying another closet to store your clothes properly. Giving you clothes adequate space will make sure they last longer and aren’t damaged as easily.

Store Out-of-Season Clothes Away

Do you have some clothes that you know you won’t be wearing for a while? As summer comes in, you can put away your winter clothes. There’s no need for them to take up that prime real estate space in your closet. If you’re tired of rifling through clothes that you won’t even consider wearing this time of year, then consider storing them away somewhere where they won’t be as visible and in your way. Clothes can be neatly stored in boxes or storage containers in a corner of the room, under the bed or in the attic. 

Make sure that they’re stored in a way that they stay dry and won’t take on mildew or mold while they are in storage. Consider the humidity of their storage container and the room in which they’re stored. This is especially important for clothes that are going into long term storage.

Consider setting up a dehumidifier or improving ventilation in problem areas of your home that you want to use as storage. Consider using airtight containers rather than cardboard boxes to store some of your clothes, depending on where they’re going to be stored. If you’re just going to keep them out of the way in your own bedroom, then a cardboard box will probably be fine.