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These Celebrities are Promoting Crypto Casinos

celebrities promoting crypto casino gambling
Crypto casino gambling, celebs who jumped on crypto casino sites. Pictured Canadian rapper who has lucrative deal with crypto site, stake.
celebrities promoting crypto casino gambling
Celebrities promoting crypto casino gambling. Pictured Canadian rapper who has lucrative deal with crypto site, stake.

Celebrities promoting Crypto casino gambling, online gambling sites where players use cryptocurrencies to make deposits into their casino accounts, as popularity for the crypto casino site going up amid increased market volatility. 

Crypto has always been one of the most profitable projects around the world, so it comes as no surprise that many people including celebrities want their name to be associated with a specific digital coin or crypto casino site.

Crypto casinos are essentially online gambling sites, where players use cryptocurrencies to make deposits into their casino accounts. Over the past couple of years, the trend in crypto casino sites has gone up exponentially. 

Of course, this came with a lot of help from some friends, or rather celebrities and high-stakes players who endorse them. Crypto gambling is playing an important role and pushing the boundaries of legislation around the world. Instead of lengthy KYC procedures, crypto casino users can cash out their winnings without any issues, whilst still benefitting from the same range of casino games.

Twitch streamers were some of the celebrities who jumped on the crypto gambling bandwagon, but musicians, football clubs and actors have also piped in to show their support.


YouTuber Stephan ‘SteveWillDot’ Deleonardi’s channels have been permanently blocked and deleted. The NELK Boys member has violated one of the platform’s Community Guidelines. One of the main reasons for his account being blocked from YouTube is the fact that his channels were using visuals featuring crypto casino Stake.com.

Up until recently, SteveWillDot was promoting his second channel on his main account. The second channel featured content on gambling and mentioned this specific crypto casino site. 

This ban has put the prominent YouTuber in a difficult financial position, where he has even resorted to borrowing money from his family and friends. The ban was announced to his followers on Instagram and Twitter at the beginning of August 2022.

Kyle Foregeard

Kyle Foregeard is a fellow NELK Boys member, where a bunch of guys create videos on the wildest pranks. So much was their success, that they had more than 7.38 million subscribers on their YouTube channel at one point.

This all changed when in May 2022, Kyle and Nelk began doing casino streams, playing at Bitcoin casino site Stake. This all emerged from a deal the two had struck with Stake Casino. While the details may be unknown, this is a wild move away from pranks.

Amongst some of the pranks they have carried, there was the infamous coke prank on cops back in 2015.


Another proud sponsor of Stake Casino is the UK Premier League football club, Everton. The club’s men’s and women’s shirts bear the Stake logo in a deal deemed to be worth millions and running for several years.This sponsorship did not come without any problems. Everton FC told its sponsor Stake.com to stop using its imagery in its international promotions offering a $10 free bet to anyone who places bets in excess of $5,000 in a week.

Football fans as well as campaign groups were less than impressed with the marketing scheme and also questions Everton’s apparent involvement. While this campaign was not visible to clients with a UK internet address, it was seen by a wider and bigger international audience.


Another prominent football team in the Premier League Arsenal also penned a multi-year sponsorship with crypto casino Sportsbet.io.  The deal has seen the bitcoin casino become Arsenal’s official betting partner.

The three-year agreement is currently ongoing until 2023.  The crypto casino giant will be working closely with Arsenal to develop women’s football in Estonia as well, where the operator is currently based.

The two are also partnering up on various social responsibility initiatives as well as safe and responsible gambling as the football club, amid many other premier football clubs come under scrutiny for their relationships with crypto firms amid recent cratering values. 


Since the release of his first album ‘Thank Me Later’ in 2010, the Canadian rapper has become a household name around the world.  While he is known for releasing popular hits, he is also known as the official ambassador for the online crypto casino site Stake.com

Drake has a long history of gambling, including wagers on American Leagues and international sports, such as Formula 1 and the UFC. Some of his biggest successes took place during live-streamed events as part of his ongoing partnership.

A single spin on a live roulette table saw him snap up well over $17 million. During the same month, he lost circa $660,000 on UFC bets and Formula 1. 

Despite his ups and downs, Drake has managed to win more than $62.42 million in wins over the span of 7 months.

Crypto casino gambling has many benefits, but also comes with its downsides. It allows gamblers to place bets without having to through long banking procedures, thus increasing the trust between the player and the bitcoin casino.

Realistically, digital currencies are also plagued by high volatility levels, unlike their conventional counterparts, with some celebs now in the hot seat for their crypto promotions. Regardless of the pros and cons, crypto casino gambling is bound to grow in the coming months.

With the aid of celebrity endorsements, crypto casino sites will continue to capitalise on the growth.