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The pros and cons of college parties

drinking at college parties dangers
Binge drinking at college parties: students attending social events dangers
drinking at college parties dangers
Binge drinking at college parties: students attending social events dangers

Binge drinking at college parties: Pros and concerns of students attending social events. From making life long friends, building confidence to potential health problems, afflictions and drag on academic performance.  

It’s no secret that college parties and binge drinking are prevalent in the United States. In fact, about half of American university students report having at least one or two alcoholic drinks during their first week of college. However, this is typically during a “social” setting where there are no adverse physical effects, where you’re with people you know and trust, and where some maturity is present. There are both pros and cons to college parties. This article will take a look at the subject of college parties and what some of the pros and cons.


  1. Social Effectiveness

College parties are designed to help that student make friends, form their own identity, and perhaps even find a life partner. In these settings where drinking may be present, this can be extraordinarily difficult to accomplish. College parties typically consist of groups of 2-3 people who have close relationships with each other. This can make it difficult for the average person to partake in these social settings with alcohol present. However, college parties are not just for the average person. 

  1. Build Relationships

Many college students are concerned about who they will room with during their time at college. Since most freshman dorm rooms are co-ed and many roommates don’t know each other, it’s important that a person builds good relationships from the beginning, as many will not only be living together for the next 4 years but will likely be able to determine if a person is a “good” roommate (in terms of cleanliness and cooperation) or not.

  1. Confidence

Most freshmen begin college with very little self-esteem and very few friends. College is the time when you have to start building a life for yourself. This can be difficult for some students since they are under a period of great stress, such as having to take on the role of an adult, studying and doing their homework from day-to-day. Drinking at college parties can help students feel more confident in themselves because they will feel more comfortable in social settings with others. If you have a question can someone write my essay at a pay? There are essay writing services that you can use.


  1. Health Problems

Alcohol consumption can lead to harm to the human body, especially when done in excess over a long period of time. The effects that alcohol has on the body include abnormal heart rhythm, high blood pressure, increased risk of stroke and bleeding to name a few. 

  1. Financial Effects

College parties are expensive, especially for students who drink heavily. Gas and food are often spent on alcohol and many times large groups of people would go out to drink which is quite expensive. Since the school’s policies on underage drinking can be strictly enforced, many students will not be able to go out drinking with their friends and instead spend all their money on alcohol at home. 

  1. Affects Academic Effectiveness

Excessive drinking can lead to a lack of motivation and decreased energy. Students who attend college parties frequently may not be able to perform to their full academic potential because of the partying they do. Many students will fall behind and some may even need repeat a year of school.


College students are “experts” at partying, and they may think that because they know what to expect, it means that there’s nothing dangerous about drinking excessively. However, this is not the case, as students can easily get into a variety of trouble when drinking. College parties can be effective social settings for people who need to find a confident group of friends or even life partners; however, excessive alcohol consumption can hinder the success of these young adults.