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USPS mail worker, 61, mauled to death by 5 bull dog mixes identified

Pamela Rock USPS mail carrier killed in dog attack after mauled by 5 dogs in Putnam County, Florida after truck broke down.
Pamela Rock USPS mail carrier killed in dog attack
Pamela Rock USPS mail carrier killed in dog attack after mauled by 5 dogs in Putnam County, Florida after truck broke down.

Pamela Rock USPS postal worker killed after being mauled to death by pack of five dogs after truck breaking down in Putnam County, Florida. Owner under investigation and may face charges. 

Florida authorities have identified the female mail carrier who was mauled to death by a pack of five dogs after her truck breaking down in rural area over the weekend.

Pamela Rock, 61, a mail carrier with the United States Postal Service (USPS) mortally succumbed to injuries sustained after a pack of dogs pounced on the woman in rural Interlachen Lake Estates area when her vehicle gave out and she parked on a roadside.

Reports told of locals hearing her frenzied screams and rushed to pull the gang of dogs off of her.

Putnam County Sheriff’s deputies found the mail woman on the ground when they arrived at the scene, Sunday afternoon, sheriff’s officials said. The mail carrier would pass away from her injuries, Monday night. 

The postal worker, from Melrose, was attacked after her truck broke down in the street and the dogs escaped from their owner’s home. 

Nuisance dogs involved in prior incidents

Pamela Rock would often bring children candy when delivering the mail, nearby residents said after the tragic mauling.

A nearby resident told deputies they heard the woman screaming for help and saw five dogs, described as bull dog mixes, attacking her.

The dogs had escaped from a property by moving rocks at the bottom of a fence that had kept them secured, authorities said.

In the past three years, there had been four calls related to aggressive animals in the neighborhood, with locals describing the canines as nuisances. 

The New York Times quoted a neighbor who said the dogs ‘jumped the fence all the time’ and had previously killed a Chihuahua.

Residents said the elderly man who owns the dogs, who was not named by the sheriff’s office, had been confronted about their behavior in the past, but he had not responded well.

When the attack happened, several neighbors tried shooting into the air to scare the dogs away, only for the gunshots failing to deter them.

Authorities exploring charges against dogs owner

Neighbors and the dogs owner’s had to physically pull the dogs off of her, deputies said.

They started first aid on the woman, who was severely bleeding.

They applied tourniquets until a rescue unit arrived and took the woman to a hospital, officials said.

Rock was then flown to a trauma center in Gainesville. The county’s animal control unit took custody of the dogs, which will now be put down.

‘We are in frequent communications with the state attorney’s office as we explore options as far as possible criminal cases as this case continues,’ said Putnam County Sheriff Chief Deputy Colonel Joseph Wells at a news conference Tuesday, according to CNN.

‘There’s a specific Florida statute that deals with someone that doesn’t exercise caution when it comes to an animal that they knew or should have known could’ve posed a danger,’ Col. Wells said.

He also revealed that animal control officers visited the dogs’ home at least twice in the last three years, having been called out to complaints about ‘vicious’ hounds. 

Wells added: ‘We believe there have been other calls for service regarding these dogs.’ 

More than 5,400 postal employees were attacked by dogs in the United States in 2021, according to the USPS. Florida was one of the top 10 states for dog bites, with 201 incidents reported last year, according to USPS.

Wells said the attack was still under investigation and that it was possible the owner would face charges.

In extreme circumstances, an owner can be charged with negligent homicide if their dog kills someone because of the owner’s failure to control the animal — though only one such case has been upheld in California, with most cases in Florida relating to personal injury claims.

Those convicted of involuntary manslaughter due to negligent homicide can receive up to 15 years in prison, 15 more years of probation, and fines up to $10,000.