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Kiely Rodni missing teen found in upside down car 14ft water

Kiely Rodni found dead
Kiely Rodni found dead: Missing Truckee California teen girl found in submerged car at Donner Lake by dive search group.
Kiely Rodni found dead
Kiely Rodni found dead: Missing Truckee California teen girl found in submerged car at Donner Lake by dive search group.

Kiely Rodni found dead. Missing Truckee California teen girl found in submerged car at Donner Lake. Cause and manner of death yet to be determined. 

A California teen girl who vanished earlier this month after leaving an end of year school party was found deceased in a lake near her Truckee home according to a volunteer search and rescue group on Sunday. 

Kiely Rodni, 16, was last seen on August 6.

Volunteer diver group Adventures With Purpose announced that they had discovered the missing teenager in a sunken car in Donner Lake

It is not yet clear if her car, a 2013 silver Honda, is the one in which she was found.

‘WE JUST FOUND KIELY RODNI…,’ the rescue group posted on their Facebook page.

Texted mom she was heading straight home, only to never arrive

‘Car is upside down in only 14’ of water.

‘We have CONFIRMED Kiely is inside.

‘Family Notified.

‘Law Enforcement on their way.

‘More updates to follow.’

Rodni disappeared from the Prosser Family Campground after having attending a party on the grounds. 

Her cell phone last pinged around 12:30 a.m. near the campground’s reservoir after she texted her mom she was heading home.

1,562 dead-end leads

Police searched the north side of Lake Tahoe on the ground, in the water and in the air. It is not clear if they also searched Donner Lake, 20 miles away. 

California and Nevada police combed local sex offender lists for suspects in the disappearance, as investigators exhausted more leads in the search for the missing teen.

The FBI also assisted, helping area cops chase down 1,562 dead-end leads in the search for the blond-haired Truckee teenager.

None of the sex offenders investigated have been linked to Rodni’s disappearance, investigators said, although one unnamed man was found to be in violation of the terms of his release. 

Further details of that crime have not been shared the dailymail reported.

Truckee police also combed their database of sex offenders, but found no one out of compliance with probation or parole terms.

Possible clues

There were 200 to 300 people at the party, mostly teens and young adults, who like Rodni was an early high-school graduate.

The Placer County Sheriff’s spokeswoman said investigators had interviewed close to a third of the party attendees, but hope to talk to more.

Investigators have logged a cumulative 18,810 hours in the search.

Rodni was wearing the pink-and-white ‘Odd Future’ sweatshirt posted to the Placer County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page the night she went missing.

Whether she was wearing a separate black sweatshirt has not been confirmed.

Information regarding Rodni’s sweatshirt followed another tip that led to the FBI spending Friday digging up a ‘potential burial site’ that only contained a dog carcass.

Investigators confirmed that the last known ping from Rodni’s cell phone came at 12:30 a.m. on August 6 near the campground’s reservoir, after texting her mother she would be straight home.

The ping was located near Prosser Lake, which surrounds the campground, though Brown said that because of lost data, the phone could have continued to ping after 12:30 a.m.

The last person to have heard from the teen was her friend Samantha Smith, 18, who spoke with Rodni on the spoke at 12:36 a.m. 

Shortly after, Rodni’s phone was turned off.

‘At 12:36 a.m. she called me…and this is the last call anybody had with her. We said: ‘Love you, good night. Get home safe,’ and that’s the last thing we heard of her,’ Smith previously told the Independent

Her boyfriend, Jagger Westfall, said he texted Rodni to ‘be safe’ and ‘don’t do anything stupid’ before she went to the party.

Westfall, who did not attend the party, texted her to complain about his day and heard back hours later.

‘At 10:30 she responded to what I was saying, [she] said: ‘Oh, I’m sorry you’re going through that.’ And that’s the last I heard from her,’ Westfall told Fox 40.

He also told the outlet he and her father had taught Rodni how to ‘get out of sticky situations’ and said she would not ‘put her life at risk.’ 

Kate Cuno, another friend, said she had hung out with Rodni just hours before the party and the pair had made crème brûlée.

‘Everything was normal,’ Cuno said. ‘I don’t think she ran away or anything. I would have noticed if something was slightly off.’

Smith told The Sun that some of the other attendees of the party might be scared to go to police because they fear the consequences.

‘We just want her home,’

‘I think a lot of them were scared to talk,’ she said. 

‘They were engaging in illegal activity in the woods, it’s like this Lord of the Flies space where they can just be.’

Lindsey Rodni-Nieman, the teen’s mother, pleaded in an online video shared by authorities for anyone with information to come forward.

‘We just want her home,’ Rodni-Nieman said. 

‘We’re so scared, and we miss her so much.’