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Lily Peters and Carson Peters Berger: two children of 2 families of dysfunction

Lily Peters and cousin Carson Peters Berger
Lily Peters autopsy: Chippewa Falls girl death ruled homicide the result of blunt force trauma and strangulation at hands of 14 year old cousin, Carson Peters-Berger. Images via social media.
Lily Peters and cousin Carson Peters Berger
Lily Peters & Carson Peters Berger, doomed cousins failed by their parents. Images via social media.

Lily Peters and Carson Peters Berger, doomed cousins failed by their parents and living in family dysfunction, abuse, addiction, depravity culminating in the vicious murder of a 10 year old Chippewa Falls girl. 

In the days following the arrest of a 14 year old Wisconsin boy alleged to have viciously beaten and then strangled his 10 year old cousin to death, not before also sexually assaulting her, questions have been raised as to the doomed children’s family life and their parents and how failings at home contributed to the cousins demise.

Iliana Lily Peters was a 4th grader attending Parkview Elementary who while on the surface may have been living a seemingly normal life before this past weekend’s fatal attack, had in fact been purportedly exposed to drug addiction at the hands of her parents along with criminal acts leading to the 10 year old’s mother’s arrest in 2019 for defrauding her own family members.

In 2021, Jennifer Eyerly pled guilty to two felonies and five misdemeanors connected to the defrauding and theft of mother’s credit cards and racking up a bill totalling $7,788.31. Along with serving time, the ten year old’s mom was also mandated to pay restitution to her family member victims WQOW reported at the time. 

Social media commentators also alluded to drug dependency issues, with some taking exception to the parenting of a ten year old girl exposed to drug use and the culpability of the parents in their daughter’s murder. 

Wrote one commentator: ‘… she also fraud her aunt and uncle out of $10,000. Her daddy is a drug addict and in/out of jail! The aunt (boy’s mother) has a criminal record of drugs and her boyfriend is a fraud! The (boy’s) daddy’s in jail for p#rn/ drugs! The whole family is in a mess! NO roll models what so ever!

Jennifer Eyerly Lily Peters mother
Pictured, Jennifer Eyerly Lily Peters mother of slain 10 year old Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin girl. Images via police bookings.

Failed parenting

Posted another:Search the whole family. They’ve all had arrests, drugs, DUIs and more.. Jennifer Eyerly, Lauraine Davis, Alex Peters, and a boyfriend John Repetto. Lily was smiling in all photos and spread such happiness. It’s hard to fathom this crime.’

While another commentator added: ‘So let me get this straight, Lily’s mother, Jennifer Eyerly, who defrauded her own family, used to date John Repetto, the step dad of the murderer, whose real father is convicted of kiddie p***, just when you thought things couldn’t get anymore confusing.’

Responded Jennifer Eyerly earlier this week in a social media post following the barrage of negative comments and victim bashing: 

‘What makes zero sense is how quickly you judge my family based on a timeline and assumptions u (sic) can only speculate on since its privy to the investigation that those details not be released,’

‘As Lily’s mother, I can only say I am ashamed of you folks out there judging us from behind a screen!

‘I hope you never ever endure this kind of heartache! If you cannot offer kindness, don’t offer anything. My daughter was kind!’ 

‘If you truly want to be part of bringing justice … you can do right by my daughter and model something she lived by …. kindness!’ 

Carson Peters-Berger father Adam Berger Eau Claire Wisconsin
Carson Peters-Berger father Adam Berger of Eau Claire Wisconsin convicted sex offender. Pictured the uncle of Lily Peters Chippewa Falls 10 year old girl murdered by her 14 year old cousin.

Like father like son? 

Also not boding well was the upbringing of the 14 year old suspect, Carson Peter-Bergers who has been exposed to ongoing crime, alleged drug use at home by his mother, Lauraine Davis (Lily Peters’ aunt) and her toxic relationship with the suspect’s biological father, Adam Berger of Eau Claireconvicted of possessing illicit child images and drug paraphernalia. 

The father who was convicted in 2017 was sentenced to 3 years jail before being released last year. It remained unclear if the father, who was forbidden as a consequence of being made to register as a child sex offender, had any contact with Carson Peters-Berger following his release.

Upon Adam Berger being jailed, all actual contact between father and son stopped yet in a prison letter, Berger said he messaged with his child everyday, addressed him routinely while he was with his grandma and even once sent him a sew cover he had made in jail.

At the point when Berger was jailed in May 2018, Peters-Berger’s life was broken by his grandmother Mary and family companion Katie Weathers. His grandma said: ‘Carson has not been extremely content with his dad being no more’.

Adam Berger said he longed for a future with his child, telling a review board he needed solo contact with his child since ‘he isn’t a survivor of my offense’. He added: ‘My child is the most amazing aspect of me.’

The motion was denied. Adam Berger is presently residing in a shelter in Eau Claire following his release from Oshkosh Correctional Institution in April 2021 BOL News reported.

John Repetto Chippewa Falls WI
John Repetto Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin man. Image via social media.

Toxic role model

Lily Peters aunt, live in boyfriend, John Repetto, also came to receive widespread condemnation after being accused of posting inappropriate comments and jokes following the discovery of Lily Peters’s body. A cursory regard of Repetto’s Facebook page revealed sexist imagery, misogyny along with posts championing drug use and the overt adulation of weapons. A state of affairs that many would decry far from ideal parenting. 

Posted Repetto: ‘Yes let’s go on about how “offensive” my Facebook page is…. there is a time and a place and this is not the time…thank you.’ 

The remark drew over 2,700 comments from the public, many who continued to condemn Repetto and the family life.

Wrote one commentator: ‘Poor girl was doomed with an entire horrible family. From the kids to the elderly this family is rotten to its core obviously. Completely failed that baby girl.’

Lilly Peters and Carson Peters-Berger
Pictured, Carson Peters-Berger Lilly Peters cousin and Chippewa Falls 10 year old victim. Images via social media.

Product of a failed society 

While another wrote: ‘Neither of these kids ever stood a chance. The fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree.’

And then there was this comment below that probably summed up what befalls so many American families, doomed to poverty, addiction, dislocation, a failure of role models, a system that increasingly only rewards the elite, while a small sliver continues to prosper, willfully ignorant of how many actually live:

‘This is what we call generational trauma. And when someone in a family doesn’t heal and break the cycle this is what happens. It’s not as simple as “they’re shitty parents”. This man has now lost nearly all of his children in horrific ways, and obviously has his own demons.’

‘What a sad picture for what American poverty and trauma produce for families in this country. 

‘Unfortunately this is one family of millions who are living like this, and only one little girl out if millions who suffer abuse by their loved ones.

‘It’s too easy to dismiss as demonic… when it’s actually a product of life produced by a failing society.’